Truesilver Cover Reveal -

Truesilver Cover Reveal

The Swordspeaker Saga is about to begin. Today is the day for the cover reveal of Truesilver, the first book in that series.

But before I share the marvelous cover, I’d like to thank Janette Ramos, my amazing cover designer. She has been a dream to work with and was so receptive and flexible with all of my suggestions. I had a very distinct concept for this cover and she worked with me every step of the way to make that happen.

Concept behind the art

Fantasy books have some of the most amazing covers in all of publishing, but a lot of them look very similar. That’s not to say they aren’t stunning, but there is sort of a pattern to a lot of them. I wanted the covers for this series to look different. I’ve always loved the ancient, clasp lock tomes you see in museums and artwork for fantasy spellbooks. I thought that look might make for a compelling and unique cover.

And I wanted something vibrant and colorful. Something that would catch your eye. Something that would say, this is not one of those dark, edgy books. This is where you’ll find hope, where you’ll find heroes. Bright colors and light in art seem more hopeful to me, and so I wanted something with those qualities as well.

Those were my thoughts behind this design. I’ll leave it for you to judge the end results, but speaking for myself, I think Janette more than delivered.

And now, without further delay, here it is:

From the back cover

A young man stained by his father’s failures. A sword of ancient power. A legend rises.

Kion Bray can’t accept that his father was a coward. Bullied for his dad’s actions in the last war, the seventeen-year-old shepherd is determined to restore his family honor. And the only way to do it is to win the village’s annual sword-fighting contest.

Lacking experience, Kion fears he might only bring more embarrassment upon those he loves. And with his biggest tormentor awaiting him in the competition and a dark army mobilizing to the north, his quest for redemption may come to a swift and painful end.

Can a simple shepherd learn to master his blade before his hopes and his people are crushed?

Truesilver is the first book in the epic Swordspeaker Saga YA fantasy series, a tale of legendary weapons and the heroes who wield them. If you like gargantuan quests, towering bravery, and coming-of-age tales, then you’ll love this razor-sharp story.

How would you like to have your own magical blade?

Now that you’ve seen the cover and read the teaser from the back cover, I hope you’re excited about reading this epic fantasy story.

At the time of this writing, there are three different ways you can join the adventure.

The paperback giveaway

One commenter on this post, or on any of the sites sharing the cover reveal between April 20-27th will receive a signed paperback copy. The more places you comment, the more chances you’ll get. This contest is limited to the continental U.S. but otherwise anyone is eligible to win.

Digital Advanced Review Copies (ARCs)

Only one person can win the paperback giveaway, but I have many more copies of the digital arc, available to anyone who agrees to leave a review by the launch day for both the physical and digital release, June 1st. These digital copies are limited to the first 1,000 people to signup, so make sure you get your copy before they run out. This is the quickest (and cheapest!) way to get a copy before the book is even released!

Just click on the button below to signup to receive your complimentary eBook advanced review copy.

Order the physical book

Finally, if you prefer hard copies, the paperback and hardback have already been released and you can order yourself a copy right now.

Preorders for the digital version are available now on Apple Books and Barnes & Noble. It’s coming to other platforms later this week and will go live for Kindle on May 18th.

A taste of what’s to come

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek at the cover for Truesilver. If you’d like to know more about the story before you buy or before trying the digital ARC, I’ll leave you with an excerpt to give you a taste of what’s in store.

But being a musician and a coward were only two of his father’s faults in the eyes of the villagers. His father was also a shepherd, as, of course, was Kion. And that was almost as bad as being a coward. Shepherds were the most despised people on the Tors. If the sheep didn’t give enough wool, people went without a new coat or blanket. If the crops failed, people went without food and died. Good farmland was rare, not just in the Tors, but in most of the North, so rare that some referred to these lands as the Pebbled Steps. The soil was rocky and so were the people—well, the ones in Furrow, anyway.

Too poor to own their own land, the shepherds lived up in the rugged, windswept hills surrounding the village. They struggled to find good pasture and keep their sheep safe from predators and disease. No one except the other shepherds understood how they suffered. They earned barely enough money to pay the wealthy families who owned their houses, and most of what was left went to the fane’s taxes, which only grew year after year.

But the tournament was Kion’s chance to change all this. If he won, the villagers would know that the Brays were fighters and that shepherds had just as much honor as anyone else. Maybe Strom would even hear about it up in the fortress of the Clefts at Roving, where he was headed after he left Furrow. Maybe if Kion won, Strom would recruit him to join one of the fane’s marches. They could always use another blade to help them push back the haukmarn. With Strom up at the Clefts, the fane surely meant to deal with them once and for all. And soldiers made good pay, from what Kion had heard, far more than shepherds, at least. He would miss his mother, but it would be worth the sacrifice. If his father could give everything for people who treated him like a traitor, Kion could sacrifice for his family.

He rolled onto his back. The soft, familiar rhythm of his mother and sister’s breathing filled the dark. In vain he listened for the deep, full breathing of his father. The absence of the sound pressed in on his ears like being underwater. It had been ten years since he died, but the older Kion got, the more the ache grew. Maybe winning the tournament would make it go away. Maybe it would make everything better.

Amidst all his exhausted wrestlings, he drifted off to sleep at last.

But somewhere, close to midnight, a voice spoke into his dreams. It filled him with warmth, but a restless warmth, the kind you get on the cusp of a fever.

“I awake, but only just…My vision is yet dim, so very dim…Come to me and I shall be whole again…Listen to my voice…The call is sent…Awake, glaivebond, awake and take me up once more…”

But Kion did not remember these words, not until it was too late.

Thank you so much for checking out the cover reveal. Be sure to leave a comment for your chance to win a signed paperback copy. The winner will be announced on this site on April 28th.

Until then, I’ll see you between the pages.

9 thoughts on “Truesilver Cover Reveal”

  1. I like the style. It does look like it could be locked, like a book of magical incarnations. Beautiful sword. I bet it fits one’s hand like it was made for it.

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  3. Oh, wow, congratulations! I like your idea behind the cover design, because you’re right – many books in the genre look so much alike that, while beautiful, they all kinda blend together. I definitely resonate with the clasp cover tome, too; I’ve wanted to do that for books of m own for a while . . . I just haven’t finished them yet Super excited about this book and can hardly wait to read it!

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