Announcing the Swordspeaker Saga -

Announcing the Swordspeaker Saga

Swordspeaker Saga Fantasy Book Series by DJ Edwardson

“I am a swordspeaker. And this is my glaive.”

Introducing the Swordspeaker Saga

Today I am thrilled to announce the title of my next fantasy series, The Swordspeaker Saga.

This epic fantasy series is a story so big it will take ten books to tell it all. It chronicles the journey of Kion Bray and his companions as they rediscover the ancient glaives which can protect and save their world from the brutish haukmar hordes. On this journey, Kion and his friends will become more than just heroes, they will become swordspeakers, for only a swordspeaker, bonded to his glaive can unlock the true powers of his weapon.

The prequel

The main arc of the story runs from books 1-8. But even heroes have heroes. And before Kion there was Strom, protector of the fane and the Four Wards. The prequel to the series tells his tale.

Here we’ll discover how Strom grew from an untested warrior in the fane’s army, to hero of the last war with the haukmar. Not only does this story explore the haukmar in great depth, but the story features locations and characters which will be explored in greater depth later in the series.

This is your introduction to Warding and the people who stand ready to defend it with their lives and it is full of tense battles and heroic deeds.

Book 1: Truesilver

The series truly begins with Truesilver. In this book, the war described in the prequel has been over for ten years. But no peace is without price. Kion lost his father in the war’s last battle and everyone says he died a coward’s death.

Now, on the cusp of manhood, Kion has one chance to prove to his village that the Brays are no cowards. Winning the festival tournament will earn him the respect he longs for and restore his father’s honor.

But a voice in his dreams may change all that—if only he’ll listen.

This is only the beginning

“Once upon a time.” These are some of the most stirring worlds in all of literature. They tingle our night-light skin beckon us to the lands just over the horizon and just beyond the next page. And this once upon time will take Kion farther than he ever imagined he would go.

Consider this your invitation to follow along on his journey.

So when will this “once upon” get started?

The prequel will be available later this year in digital format for subscribers to my newsletter. Once print copies become available, I will also be giving away free copies monthly as well.

Currently there is no fixed launch date for Truesilver. The book will be getting a pre-release marketing campaign and depending on how well that goes, it may be released as early as late 2020 or early 2021.

During the build up for the release, I’ll be releasing posts about the world of Warding over on my world-building journal.

Be sure to check back for updates often!

I’ll see you between the pages.

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