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A young man stained with his father’s failures. A sword of untold power. A legend rises

Truesilver is the first book in the epic Swordspeaker Saga YA fantasy series, a tale of legendary weapons and the heroes who wield them. If you like gargantuan quests, towering bravery, and coming-of-age tales, then you’ll love this razor sharp story.

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The Chronotrace Sequence Boxed Set

The Chronotrace Sequence

Scientists are re-engineering the human race. And the one man who knows how to stop them doesn’t know anything at all.

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jammer and the blade science fiction cover

The Jammer and the Blade

For Sun li the Code is more than a way of fighting; it’s a way of life. But her beliefs may not be enough to save her father from the wasting disease ravaging their planet.

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Artificer's Apprentice Cover

The Artificer’s Apprentice

Cast out of the craft hall in his prime and bitter from his many losses, a blind artificer has taken on an apprentice to make what he no longer can: a device that will enter him into the Grand Competition.

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