Ascent of the Nebula -

Ascent of the Nebula

Book 3 of The Chronotrace Sequence

Truth has a way of resurrecting itself.

With the Developers’ plans to reengineer the human race in disarray, this may be the one chance Adan and the Sentient renegades have of saving the desert world of the Vast.

Using the chronotrace, a device capable of looking back into time, Adan discovers their next point of attack, but a window to the past can’t prepare him for what the future has in store. He will have to risk his life, his future, and everything he’s fought for if he hopes to survive.

The third and final book in The Chronotrace Sequence brings the series to its thrilling conclusion as threats long thought buried are resurrected from across the vagaries of time and space.

grace award nominee speculative fiction ascent of the nebula

A Grace Awards finalist book.

The exciting conclusion to The Chronotrace Sequence.