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2016 Silmarillion Awards Voting

silmarillion awards

The time to vote for the 2016 Silmarillion Awards is finally here! The nominations are in and five finalists have been chosen for each category. On my site, I’ve been hosting the Most Faith Friend award so I am proud to announce the 2016 finalists.

The 2016 nominees for the Most Faithful Friend are:

Inigo Montoya from The Princess Bride by William Goldman. Inigo may be known best as one of the greatest swordsmen ever, but behind those legendary fencing skills beats a heart of gold. Inigo is especially faithful to Fezzik, the giant-sized brawler, but he also helps the Man in Black and Princess Buttercup in their hour of need.

Reepicheep the mouse from The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis. Another surprisingly good swordsman to make it onto the nominee list, Reepicheep is one of the most principled and honor-bound characters in all of literature. And a big part of that honor includes loyalty to his friends.

Horace from The Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan. Horace at first is more of a thorn in Will’s side. In time the two overcome their differences and become close friends and a formidable team. Horace is tall, strong and, like the first two nominees, has natural skill as a swordsman. (Apparently good friendship and good swordsmanship go hand in hand in fantasy literature!)

Rose Red from Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elizabeth Stengl. The author describes her as a “lovely girl with some seriously physical deformities who never let those deformities define her,” and also as “a spunky child with a lively imagination and a keen sense of fun.”

Oskar Reteep from The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. He helps the Igbiy’s when they are in a tight spot. Extremely resourceful, he is like a light in the stormy seas which seem to surround them. And as an added bonus, he also happens to be a lover of books!

You can learn more about the nominees for the other awards by visiting the other hosts of the 2016 Silmarillion Awards:

Best Fantasy Mount
Best Riddling and Poetry
Best Redemption Story
Strangest Character
Best Fantasy Weapon
Most Epic Hero
Most Heartwrenching Death
Wisest Counseler
Most Nefarious Villain

Results will be announced July 16th-28th. And now it’s time to get voting!

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