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Year Five in the Books

year five in the books

Year five in my writing career was a paradoxical year. I was sidelined with a concussion for much of the year. Obviously this was neither planned nor wanted. But I gained a new and deeper appreciation for the privilege and the blessing that it is to write. I learned to savor every keystroke, every word, every reader, every review, good or bad.

I learned that life is so much more than writing. When your dreams are stripped away and you’re left standing naked before God you come to know in an almost tangible way that you really are nothing more than a vessel. You do not direct your course. You are not the captain of the ship. You’re not even one of the crew unless by grace he calls you to it.

The Road Goes Ever On

I did very little writing this year. A ton of editing, but nothing new. I feel I went deeper rather than wider. Hopefully my writing is better for it.

I had hoped to release the digital boxed set of The Chronotrace Sequence, but that did not happen. What did happen is that I re-released all three books in the series with refreshed covers and updated text. All three books are several pages shorter, though the plot remained essentially the same.

Just Under the Wire

The Last Motley Fantasy Book CoverThen at the 11th hour I spent a furious few weeks putting the finishing touches on my first foray into fantasy, The Last Motley.

The paperback is already available, and the kindle version is available for preorder. The iBooks version is also available for preorder as well.

I paid a cover designer for this one, a first for me. He is amazingly talented, but it was a significant investment and I can only pray that it pays off.

This book, as I like to say, is my Ode to the Family. I don’t think there are really that many great pictures of family in fantasy. Lots of friendships, but not a lot of loving parents and beloved sons and daughters.

When I set out to write the novel, it was not at all my intention to write such a story. But as I explored the characters and their relationships, that’s what the story became about for me. You, as a reader may find other things stand out more, and there certainly is a great deal more to the novel than the importance of family, but certainly not less than that.

The Super Secret Series

mystery mapSo what’s on deck for 2018? A little project I’m calling my Super Secret Series. This is something that is more than just clever alliteration. It’s actually a code name for the series itself.

All I have to say about it for now is that it will be geared for a younger audience and there will be lots of weapons!

Currently, I’ve finished the map (I love making maps) and now I’m working on the history of the world and the timeline.

So stay tuned. I hope to begin writing on it in earnest soon.

Very excited about this one.

Reading Adventures

Despite my writing woes, I was able to read quite a few really wonderful books this year. The highlight would certainly be a re-reading of The Lord of the Rings. I even posted a review of it. Other bright spots would be Murder on the Orient Express and Merlin’s Blade. I really should post reviews of those at some point.

If you’re interested in a more in depth look at my reading journey in 2017, take a gander at my year in books over on Goodreads.

Never give up

Year five in the books certainly brought unexpected challenges. I am still not 100% recovered. And some personal issues will likely limit my writing in the coming year.

But this I will say. I shall not give up. I am in this for the long haul. However long it takes, however many failures I must face, however many challenges I must embrace, I am and shall be an author to the end, through and through, until the Lord bids me do otherwise.

May the coming year bring you unexpected blessings and the courage and perseverance to stay steady when the wind appear to be blowing you off course.

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4 thoughts on “Year Five in the Books”

  1. It’s lovely to read about your year in books because even though it may not seem like you accomplished a lot reading-wise, you are following God’s current plan for your life, and it’s cool to read about that. Also, you published and re-released four books in total! That’s quite an accomplishment.
    Have you seen the new Murder on the Orient Express movie? I enjoyed the book, but I have yet to see the new movie adaption (I don’t know if anyone can beat David Suchet as Poirot).
    Happy New Year!

  2. You’re very right. It’s so important to keep a heavenward, eternal perspective. I can’t imagine how I would be functioning without knowing that he is with me.

    Yes, I did see the Murder on the Orient Express. In fact I read the book just so I could see the movie (don’t like to watch a movie without reading the book first). And it was…disappointing. All of the wonderful subtle innuendos and shifting suspicions and mind-jarring conundrums are lost. It’s kind of a rolling mess.

    The characters were not the way I pictured them, except Poirot. Branagh does a decent job, though I’ve heard Suchet’s performance was better (though I’ve not seen it myself). The acting overall is well done for the script they were given and the sets and costumes were lovely, but it just falls flat. Not strictly a bad film. Just so much below the novel that I wouldn’t recommend it if you’ve already read the book.

  3. I know it wasn’t what you planned, but like Abbey said, it was the year God planned for you, and you followed His path. Sounds like you learned a lot through it… maybe not the way you wanted to…

    I am so excited to read The Last Motley and see what you did with it since I read the earlier version!

    Very intrigued about this Super Secret project and what that will entail!

    1. Agreed. Suffering does teach lessons that Pleasure and Good Tidings cannot.

      I hope you enjoy the final version off especially the parts about apple season and cold weather. I still remember your helpful comments about those, though I’m still not sure I got them right. I can assure you that I made a valiant attempt, though!

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