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Updates: The Last Draft

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It’s done! The last draft of The Last Motley is finished. There’s something momentous about finishing the last draft of a novel. It’s that time in the life of an author that feels like the last day of class after your last test. The grades still aren’t in, and graduation itself is still a ways off, but the work is done. You have finished what you needed to get done and it’s such a tremendous weight off your shoulders. Now all I have to do is send it off to the slaughter house, er, um, I mean, my editor, and hope that it doesn’t come back battered and bruised beyond recognition.

I have absolutely loved working on this novel. It’s my first foray into fantasy, but beyond that, I just really got invested in the characters in this story. The tone is more light-hearted than some of my other work and part of that is probably because one of the main characters does not take himself all that seriously. There’s also a very strong family theme to this one which made the characters feel like family as well. The presence of families in a positive light is something that is often missing from speculative fiction and I hope this comes as a breath of fresh air to readers for that reason.

Magic plays a pretty big part in this one because one of the main characters is under a curse which the other characters are trying to help him remove. In that sense, it reminds me a little of Lord of the Rings since the ring could be though of as a curse which Frodo was trying to be rid of, but that’s about as far as the similarities go. The world also feels a little bit closer to the Renaissance than it does the Dark Ages.

The Last Motley is written to be a stand alone book, though I do have two more books in the series outlined so I may write those as well at some point.

I won’t say a whole lot more about this one because the story is still a ways from coming to print, but I’m so excited to share it with readers. In case you missed it, I did share a sneak peek from the opening chapter a while back so check that out to whet your appetite or jog your memory as the case may be.

Well, that’s all for now. (Did I mention that I’m incredibly excited about this story?)

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