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Update: Summer 2014

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Here’s a newsy update for what lies ahead for the Summer of 2014. Most of this I also shared in my newsletter, so if you’re not signed up for that and you’d like to be informed about stuff like this, be sure to sign up for that.

Last week I finished working through the updated version of Through the Viscera. The original release went out with some errors unfortunately and I decided to bring in another editor to help fix them. The good news is that she was incredibly fast, but it still took me a long time to get the new manuscript into fighting shape.

The bad news is that the editing basically put a halt to work on book 3. I’m starting back in on it this week, but I am now doubtful that I’ll make a 2014 release for that book. We’ll see how it goes, though. With faster editing, I just might be able to squeak it in, but I’m not making any promises. I am really excited about the story and I promise to REVEAL EVERYTHING about Adan’s past (not really, but maybe there’ll be something there, you never know…).

And one last little announcement is that I just uploaded a new wallpaper over on my downloads page. It features an image from the original cover for The Jammer and the Blade. In addition to the the wallpaper, I’ve also been working on a new cover for that book. We’ll see if it ever makes it out of the design phase, but I’m not entirely happy with the current one and I’d like to update it if I can. Here’s hoping!

So just a quick update today. Hope your summer is getting off to a rip roaring start. Keep cool (if you can!)

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