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Upcoming Jammer Giveaway

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Just a few updates today. First off, Through the Viscera, has been sent off to my line editor. I’m so grateful to finally be at this point. Excitement, nervousness, impatience, exhaustion- these are all the sorts of things I am feeling at this point in time. “It’s the deep breath before the plunge.” as Gandalf says in the movie, The Return of the King.

I’ll have a cover reveal next week, on Wednesday to be exact. I’m really thrilled with the way this cover turned out and can’t wait to share it. I’ll also be releasing a desktop wallpaper that goes along with the cover.

But before that happens, I’ll be doing a free giveaway for The Jammer and the BladeIt will run from March 10-14. I’ve been so busy with writing the Viscera that I haven’t really had much time to talk about this book, but it’s a nice little story that I think more people would enjoy if they got the chance to read it. I think the lack of a print version has hurt it somewhat, but for now it will have to stay as Kindle only. Perhaps after the Chronotrace Series is over I’ll expand the story so that I can release it as a novel.

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend!

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