Top 5 Songs to Write to #3 -

Top 5 Songs to Write to #3

songs for writingI’ve already explained in this series of posts how I almost always use music from soundtracks to write to. And while that usually means movie soundtracks, such is not the case with this week’s song.

I’d wager that at least some of the people reading this will have never heard the theme song from the animated TV series, Transformer’s Prime, and that’s too bad. Because not only was the music from this show excellent, but the series itself was one of the better scifi series to make it to the small screen, far surpassing its big screen counterpart (the regrettable Transformers movies) in both depth of story-telling and artistic merit.

One of these days I plan on doing a review of the Transformer’s Prime series and I don’t want to steal to much thunder from that, but just for those who aren’t familiar with it, it was a three season series on the Hub Network that, while squarely aimed at children, had a great stroyline, incredible voice acting, and CGI effects. It is far and away the best animated series I’ve ever seen and my only complaint is that the series did not last more than three seasons.

I listened to this soundtrack a lot when I was writing The Jammer and the Blade. It’s a very action-packed series and the music reflects that. Jammer is also a very action-oriented story and features battles with robots and the same kind of futuristic technology present in the Transformer’s universe so the music was a great fit.

Of all the songs, the opening theme is surely my favorite. It’s got a rich orchestral arrangement with driving rhythms that let’s you know that the Transformer’s have arrived and are ready to “roll out” in defense of their human friends. A great song from a great series and a wonderful piece of music to listen to when writing action-packed fiction of any sort.

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