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Time to Jam

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Are you ready to jam? You know English is such a funny language. A word that originally meant “to press tightly” eventually came to refer to the making of fruit preserves, being in a tough situation, and even, strangely, to improvising with other musicians. In my book, The Jammer and the Bladeit has an even different meaning. It refers to the artificial acceleration of thought via an implant in the brain, “jamming” thoughts on top of each other so that a person can literally think five to ten times faster than a normal person would.

Brit, the “jammer” in the story, is not exactly the sort of character you’d want for your best friend. He runs with the wrong crowd and seems to be all about himself. But when the main character from the book, Sun li, is forced to cut a deal to work for him, unexpected things happen and her life is forever changed.

If this sounds like an interesting story, then you’ve stumbled across this site at the right time. Because it’s time to Jam! From Sept 19th-23rd I’m giving away The Jammer and the Blade on the Kindle. So if you’d like to find out how the story ends, you can check it out for free.

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