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Rimewinter Cover Reveal

Are you ready for something wintry and wonderful? Something that will send a chill up your spine in the best way? Then stoke up the fire, button up your coats, and grab a mug of hot cocoa because the Rimewinter cover reveal is here!

Before I get to the cover itself, I’d like to share a huge thank you to Janette Ramos, my cover designer. She has been one of the biggest blessings in my career as an author. It’s so amazing tp get to work with someone so talented and humble and pleasant to interact with. Once again she’s taken my ideas and suggestions and made them a reality and created something stunningly beautiful.

And now, I won’t delay any longer.

Here’s the cover for Rimewinter!

How about that, eh?

I can’t wait to get this book into the hands of readers. Thank you for being so patient until this one came to print.

Book 1 in the series, Truesilver, ended on a mild cliffhanger and this book sets out to resolve that. Whether or not that’s accomplished, well, you’ll have to read it to find out.

In any case, here’s a little quick synopsis of what’s in store.

From the back cover

There’s never been a winter like this.

Kion and Tiryn have not heard from their mother since the war began. It’s all but certain she was captured by the haukmar army and Kion blames himself. Now with his flaming sword, Truesilver, at his side, he’ll take on a whole host of foes to get her back. He only hopes his sister—who won’t be left behind this time—doesn’t get hurt along the way.

 But the paths and wilds of the Four Wards hold more than just the haukmar hordes. Dark beasts lurk in the shadows. A traitor haunts their steps. And strangest of all, it’s started to hail—though summer’s just begun. Will the world ever return to the way it once was? And what chilling adventure awaits down their path?

Read Rimewinter to discover the next legendary tale in the Swordspeaker Saga.

Forecast: Chilly with a chance of Adventure

So, the cover is here. Now what about the book?

Well, the dates are actually not set in stone, but here’s a rough estimate.

The ebook will be released no later than April 5th.

The paperback should be available sometime in March.

And the hardback will release after the ebook, so sometime in April, at the latest.

I wish I had more definite dates for you, but I’m at the mercy of others at this stage in the publishing process. But whether it’s March or April, either way the book should be gracing a bookshelf near you (virtual or otherwise) sometime very SOON!

Until then, I’ll see you between the pages.

DJ Edwardson seal of approval

15 thoughts on “Rimewinter Cover Reveal”

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    1. Thanks, Christine. We were going for the look of those ancient clasp-bound books. The only way they would be better is if we could actually bind them inside metal casing. Perhaps a special edition one day? #dreams

  2. Oh, that cover is indeed wintry and wonderful! So lovely! Congratulations!
    (To hearken back to your earlier comment, a future special edition with metal casing would be incredible!)

  3. Oh, this is beautiful, D.J. I’m really late, but many congratulations on your release!

    I’m also so stoked to join you and the others for the Silmaril Awards this year!

    1. Thanks, Lily. I agree. My cover designer is absolutely wonderful.

      So thrilled to have you as a host this year. Can’t wait to pop over to your site and poke around!

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