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Once more Into the Vast

once more into the vast

No, the above landscape does not signify that this is an early Halloween post. It’s a rendering of what a typical day might look like in the Vast, the backdrop for my scifi series, The Chrontrace SequenceDespite the brown and yellow cover of the first book (pictured below), this is probably a more representative image of what the world really looks like.

Vast Science Fiction Book Cover 3DThe reason I’ve got Vast on the brain these days is the upcoming re-release of the series. The first book, Into the Vast has already been edited. It’s now roughly 4% shorter or about 15 pages slimmer. But if you’ve read it before, never fear, the plot is entirely unchanged. The writing has just been streamlined. It’s amazing how much you can cut if you squeeze hard enough!

Not so visceral this time

I’m now about two thirds finished with editing book 2, Through the VisceraIt’s also lost several thousand words so far. But here’s the biggest news: it’s getting a new title! I like titles that are unique. And the original title is certainly that. But I was never quite happy with it. I don’t think it gives readers much of a sense of what’s in store.

A few people also remarked that the word “viscera” doesn’t exactly conjure up very pleasant associations. So I’m revamping the title. What will it be? For now, that’s a secret. But if you’d like to guess or even make a suggestion, I’d love to hear it.

Meanwhile in the non-fictional world…

here I go signWe authors love to put our characters through the wringer. After all, something has to happen or there wouldn’t be much point reading the story. But authors are not immune to our own hardships. The long grind of writing, editing, and publishing can be tougher to tame than a nine-headed hydra, but on top of that, sometimes life dollops on extra helpings of snares, fits, and road blocks.

For me, the biggest obstacle over the last six months has been my concussion. I thought I was pretty much over it around Christmas time, but the symptoms have flared back up again. I don’t know if it has been my increased workload with editing or my attempts to start exercising again, but my brain is not happy.

Which is to say, it will be a bit longer than I’d hoped before I can re-release these novels. I had hoped to have finished the editing by now, but I’ve had to pull back during the month of February. But God has his own timing. I don’t run the show. I just report for duty.


One quick note for long time visitors. I’ve added a couple of extra links on the side bar. A button that will take you to an archive of all my posts, and a link to three of the most popular posts on my site. Those are things I like to see on other sites, so it only made sense that I add them on my own.

The Motley’s fate

I’ll end on a good note. The Last Motley, my troublesome little book child, will be published following the re-release of The Chronotrace Sequence. Because of marketing and other details, it may not make it to print this year, but I’ve decided to green-light the project because I was tired of looking at that palid chartreuse one (and a few other factors).

So, yay! Fantasy is coming. It’s a slow train, but it has glimmer powered, levitating wheels. You won’t want to miss it when it finally pulls into the station.

Until next time, keep your nose in the page, your feet on the earth, and your dreams in the heavens.

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8 thoughts on “Once more Into the Vast”

  1. Exciting things!! (On most fronts–so sorry about your head! Praying you will recover. <3) I can't wait for Into the Vast's re-release… hoping to actually read it, but have been holding off for the new version. 😉 (And due to busyness, but hey, rereleases are great excuses!) I'm so excited about The Last Motley! Slow or not, I look forward to whenever it shows up! 🙂 Best wishes on all your projects, Life included, and thanks for the updates! 🙂

    1. I am excited that you’re excited! 🙂

      I can’t wait to release the (digital) “boxed set” and get the revised versions out there. And The Motley is so near and dear to me, I just couldn’t shelve it. Here’s to a great year of publishing!

  2. Oh, DJ! Sorry to hear about your concussions. I hope you are able to recovery quickly and smoothly.

    I understand about life. My own has taken a definite shaking. I have had to really pull back from a lot of things and even with cutting back, I’m still hardly able to keep my head above water. There’s only so many marbles my brain can hold before it starts ejecting them. Unfortunately, I can’t let go of anything else, so I’m going to have to adjust. I’m going to try to move from my paper planner to digital with reminders and all. We shall see! That said, book three’s deadlines are being pushed further and further out. :-/

    I am glad to hear you are greenlighting your fantasy novel! Yea!!! I wish you well in all of your endeavors!

    1. Jennette, is it really you? I feared you were lost in some enchanted forest. So great to hear from you.

      Sorry to hear you are hitting snags with your publishing schedule as well. But keep chipping away. Celebrate the small victories even if you can’t see those big ones come rolling in.

      Thanks for your kind words and for stopping by!

  3. How exciting that you are getting closer to the re-release of the Chronotrace series! I’m excited to learn the new title for the second book. And I’m super excited for The Last Motley! I’m sorry that your concussion symptoms have flared up again. That can’t be pleasant. I hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thanks, Abbey. I have been feeling a little better this week. I seem to do better when I take life a little slower, which is tough on the goal-oriented writer in me.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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