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2021 Silmaril Award Nominations for Strangest Character

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Welcome to the sixth annual Silmaril Awards, the fantasy character awards. This is one stop of 11 where you can nominate characters for the internet’s most unique online fantasy fiction awards.

Oddballs. Misfits. The ones that don’t fit the mold. They’re rarely the characters who get top-billing. They don’t usually get top billing. And yet they’re often the things that spark the most conversation or help differentiate one story from a hundred others like it.

This is the place to nominate the strangest fantasy characters you can think of.

Read on for the rules and get to nominating!

2021 Silmaril Award Nominations

There are eleven awards up for grabs (see the list below for links to the other awards). On this page we’re accepting nominations and seconds for Strange Chatacters. All you have to do to nominate is post a comment with the name of the strange person or creature you’d like to see considered for the award. Or, if you notice that the character has already been nominated, you can simply reply with a “second” to the original comment for that character.

The rules for nominating are as follows:

  • You may nominate as many characters as you wish.
  • You may also second as many characters nominated by others as you choose. The more “seconds” (and thirds, fourths, etc) a character receives, the more likely that character will move on to the voting round, which will feature the top five most nominated characters from each category (the host will break any ties).
  • Nominations are allowed for fantasy book characters only! (Movie characters are not allowed, unless the book came first).
  • The Silmaril Awards are “lifetime” awards. Characters who have already won a Silmaril in previous years are not eligible to win the same award again (though they may win other awards.) Previous winners of the Strangest Character include
  • For a list of past winners for other awards, please visit silmarilawards.com.
  • Also, unfortunately, characters from Tolkien’s works are not allowed. Instead, they are the presenters of the awards. These awards are for all the “other guys.”

This year’s awards

Here it the list of the rest of this year’s awards with links to where you can make your nominations:

And there you have it. Let’s hear your strangest nominations!

113 thoughts on “2021 Silmaril Award Nominations for Strangest Character”

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  2. I nominate:

    -Calcifer (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    -The Scarecrow (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    -Valerie (The Princess Bride)
    -Dr. Zeiger (The Green Ember)
    -Alastor Moody (Harry Potter)
    -Rip Van Winkle (Crockett & Crane series)
    -the old mad bloke (the City Between series)
    -Ralph (the City Between series)

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  6. Seconding Calcifer and the mad old bloke/Les from City Between!


    -Hoid/Wit from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive and other Cosmere books

    -MeLaan from Sanderson’s second Mistborn trilogy

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  10. I nominate: Sir Oeric from The Tales of Goldstone Wood by Anne Elisabeth Stengl, Darius from the 100 Cupboards series by N.D. Wilson, Arachne from the Ashtown Burials series by N.D. Wilson, and The White Knight from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.

    1. Yes, I never know quite what to expect with this award, but soooo glad the Silmaril Awards are back!

      I’ve not heard of the Moomin books, but I’d say this character qualifies on name alone!

  11. Whoops, I also second Wizard Fenworth, the White Knight, Nidawi, Silas (!!!), and Tibalt!

  12. I second:
    Calcifer and the Scarecrow (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    Wizard Fenworth (Dragonkeeper Chronicles)
    The white Knight (Through the Looking Glass)
    Nidawi (Tales of Goldstone Wood)
    Laura (Rizkaland Legends)

    I nominate:
    Gurgi (The Chronicles of Prydain)
    Wizard Cam (Dragonkeeper Chronicles)
    Ferrin (Beyonders by Brandon Mull)

  13. I nominate:

    Aunt Zelda (Septimus Heap)
    Skulni (Fairest)
    Morwen (Enchanted Forest Chronicles)

  14. Seconding:
    – Calcifer
    – The Scarecrow
    – Alastor Moody

    And I think I’ll nominate Mulch Diggums from the Artemis Fowl series. Not everyone keeps worms in their beard for snacks later.

  15. Seconding:
    Calcifer (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    Dr. Zeiger (the Green Ember)
    Mad-Eye Moody (Harry Potter)
    Wizard Fenworth (DragonSpell)
    Wit/Hoid & Lift (Stormlight Archive/cosmere)
    Oeric (Tales of Goldstone Wood)
    Darius & Arachne (Ashtown Burials)
    Silas (Sorcery of Thorns)
    Gurgi (Prydain Chronicles)
    Morwen (Enchanted Forest Chronicles)
    Mulch (Artemis Fowl)

    Nolan (Ashtown Burials)
    Angela (Inheritance Cycle)
    Professor Trelawney (Harry Potter)
    Dobro (the Wilderking Trilogy)
    Madame Sidler (the Wingfeather Saga)
    the Gentleman (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell)

  16. Nominating:

    Zifnab (the Death Gate Cycle)
    Nobby Nobbs (Discworld)
    Wizard Derk (Dark Lord of Derkholm)
    Chrestomanci (Chrestomanci Chronicles)
    Evie (Ogre Enchanted)
    Killer (the rabbit/donkey from Enchanted Forest Chronicles)


    Mad-Eye Moody

  17. I second:
    -Wizard Fenworth
    -Professor Trelawney
    -Me Laan

    And nominate Wayne from Mistborn Era 2 by Brandon Sanderson!

  18. I nominate:
    Piranesi (Piranesi)
    Prince Colin (A Royal Masquerade)

    I second:
    Luck (Spindle)
    The old mad bloke (City Between)
    Ralph (City Between)
    Calcifer (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    The scarecrow (Howl’s Moving Castle)

  19. SUCH fun nominations!

    I second:
    – Calcifer
    – The Scarecrow
    – Alastor Moody
    – Rip Van Winkle

  20. I second the old mad bloke, Calcifer, and Ralph. (Thought I already commented this, but I guess it didn’t go through?)

  21. Whoops. Just saw that replies don’t appear beneath the comment they’re replying to. Sorry for double-commenting!

    I second Wizard Fenworth, Lift, Madame Sidler, Chrestomancy, and Nobby Nobbs.

    I also nominate Mogget from the Abhorsen Trilogy.

  22. (Oh, I see my replies don’t actually go under each comment. Haha.)


    I also second:
    – Wizard Fenworth (Dragonkeeper Chronicles)
    – The White Knight (Through the Looking Glass)
    – Silas (Sorcery of Thorns)
    – Luck (Two Monarchies)
    – Tibalt (Dragons of Starlight)
    – Trelawney (Harry Potter)

    I nominate:
    – Pelur the dragon (Madness Solver in Wonderland by E.E. Rawls) Shapeshifting purple dragon! Who, erm, is a little slow on the intake but so precious!
    – Burndee (Tales of Ambia by Allison Tebo) A fairy godFATHER who doesn’t WANT to be a godfather and instead bake all day, definitely a bit strange!

  23. I second Angela from the Inheritance Cycle, Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle, Olumphia Groundwich from the Wingfeather Saga, Gurgi from the Chronicles of Prydain, Wizard Fenworth from the Dragonkeeper Chronicles, Mad Eye Moody from HP, and Ferrin from Beyonders!!
    I nominate Blodhgarm from the Inheritance Cycle

  24. I was gonna nominate Ferrin and didn’t realize someone else would do it before me! So I’m definitely going to second him. He deserves the win!

  25. Oh, the replies don’t go under the comment. The comment where I said it was a strange name I’d not gotten to yet was Olumphia Groundwich. So that’s a second for that person!

  26. I second Fenworth (DragonKeeper), the White Knight (Through the Looking Glass), Laura (Rizkaland Legends), Gurgi (Prydain), and Burndee (Tales of Ambia).

    I nominate:
    – the cursed faerie cat whose name I’m badly blanking on from The Dark King’s Curse by Wyn Estelle Owens (anyone want to help out an 8-month-along pregnant woman with very little sleep?)
    – Tinker Bell (Peter Pan)

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  28. I may be back later with more but here’s for starters
    I nominate crispin Beasley
    I second
    Laura (rizkaland)
    The old Mad bloke (city between)
    The paragon (hall of blood and mercy)
    Mulch diggums (Artemis fowl)
    The gamekeeper (Ellie and the prince)
    .I’ll be back later when I remember the others

  29. I second:

    Hoid/Wit (Brandon Sanderson)
    Gurgi (Prydain Chronicles)
    Angela & Blodhgarm (Inheritance Cycle)
    Dobro (Wilderking Trilogy)
    Burndee (Tales of Ambia)

    I Nominate:
    Professor Arcadius (Riyria Revelations)

  30. Seconding

    The White KNight
    Nobby Nobs
    The Gentleman

    I would like to nominate:
    Dustfinger (Inkheart)
    The Council of Days (The Man Who Was Thursday by G. K. Chesterton)
    Lady Quack (The Nicholas Book by William Chad Newsom)
    Old Cass (The Nicholas Book)

  31. Seconding…

    The old mad bloke (aka Les)
    The Scarecrow

  32. I second:
    The Scarecrow
    Alastor Moody
    Rip Van Winkle
    the old mad bloke
    Professor Trelawney
    Wizard Derk
    Professor Trelawney
    Oskar N. Reteep

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