Like to join me on a treasure hunt? -

Like to join me on a treasure hunt?

treasure hunt

So sorry, January. You pulled me in too many directions at once. I just could not keep up. But here I am, bobbing my head above water at the end.

Speaking of directions…

How about joining me in a treasure hunt? Say what???

Yes, it’s time to put on your best fedora or safari hat or cloak and join me all across the web as I launch The Last Motley out into the wild!

What’s a blog tour anyway?

So for the digital release of The Last Motley I wanted to do something special and one of the things I landed on was the idea of a blog tour. What that means is that I contacted a few other authors to see if they’d be interested in doing a post during the two weeks after the launch date, which is Feb 6th.

I’ll post all of the official details, including links to all the other authors involve on Feb 5th. There are some really neat authors who offered to help and I’m so grateful they’ve agreed to help me spread the word about my little novel.

There be treasure in them thar hills

The theme of the “hunt” will be a travelogue of sorts through the world of Arinn, the land which forms the backdrop of The Last Motley.

Each day a different author will host the tour. And each tour will be a different place along the journey the heroes take in the book.

How’s that sound? Are you with me?

I hope so.

And at each stop you’ll have a chance to win won of these lovely prizes:

last motley giveaway treasure hunt
A lovely leather journal, an autographed copy of The Last Motley, and a coloring book from the Chronicles of Narnia

You can use the journal to record your travels, the novel as your guide, and I threw in the coloring book because, well Narnia just makes everyone feel better.

So strap on your boots, polish your sword, and get ready for a great adventure! The Last Motley blog tour is coming to a website near you!

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4 thoughts on “Like to join me on a treasure hunt?”

  1. So exciting!! I love the treasure hunt theme!

    I am waiting for the mail to come, because I ordered a paperback of The Last Motley and it’s supposed to arrive today!!!!

    1. That’s awesome!

      Your comment made my day 🙂

      I hope you enjoy the finished version. You are in for a few surprises, one of which I think you’ll especially enjoy….

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