Jots and Tittles #2: Today had more than enough life of its own -

Jots and Tittles #2: Today had more than enough life of its own

jots and tittles

Welcome back to Jots and Tittles, my catchall for quick news snippets that don’t fit in a longer post. Let’s jump right in!

Food is medicine

At least some people seem to think so. One of the doctors I saw for my concussion recommended I go on a sugar free and gluten free diet. Pretty hard for someone whose favorite food is Italian. So far, I can’t tell that it’s helping much with my head, but I am feeling a bit better.

Expose and recover

Speaking of the state of my head. It’s better, but it’s not better (as in, completely better—don’t you just love English?) I went to a pretty well-known concussion clinic about a month ago and they told me to start pushing myself instead of holding back and trying to rest.

Their philosophy is known as “expose and recover”. You do what’s hard for you (in my case going to places with lots of noise or people, or concentrating for long periods of time on things like writing or working on the computer). Then when it gets to be too much, you back of. Recover. Then rinse and repeat.

I’m still in the weeds, but as I said, I am getting better. Time and energy are like an allowance for me right now. I’m given so much a day to spend, but I’m still not back to my full salary. I don’t know when I will be really and truly better. But I trust in God’s timing.

Second guessing syndrome

All this renewed activity has let me get back to writing, though, which has been great! And yesterday I actually finished the edits for the final book in The Chronotrace Sequence, Ascent of the Nebula!

I have to say that reading back through the series after not having worked on it for so long was truly rewarding. I’ve got that terrible disease some writers have of constantly second guessing myself. Why are the reviews not all five stars? It must be the WorstBookEverWritten. EVER. Or this one rattles around in my head a lot, “Nobody wants science fiction that isn’t edgy, vulgar, or has a two word title that starts with the letter ‘S’. Why do you even bother?”

second guessing fear

But having gone back through the series after getting some distance between myself and the story, it was like I was reading it as just a reader. Seriously, some of the sentences made me stop and say, “Did I really write that? That’s pretty good!” I really got into the story. I enjoyed it. I even cried a couple of times.

Maybe it is still an awful series, but it’s not awful for at least one reader. And that’s the only one I really know how to please at the end of the day.

The sequence is almost complete

So when will the Complete Chronotrace Sequence be out? Hopefully sometime within the next month. The books still have to be typeset and I still have a couple of people reading the final versions, looking for typos. But for the most part, my involvement is done.

I feel like a little like Adan at the end of the series, after all the chaos and peril has passed. All I want is a little moment of peace off in a corner somewhere with the people I love. So I’ll take all of one whole day off and then, it’s time to tackle my fantasy “problem child” The Last Motley, the book that somehow just refuses to get published. I’m comin’ for ya boy, so ya better watch out!

I leave you with the last line of The Ascent of the Nebula, one which I thought accurately summed up my feelings now, here at the end of all things.

Today had more than enough life of its own

May your days be ever full of life. And I’ll see you in the Vast!

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2 thoughts on “Jots and Tittles #2: Today had more than enough life of its own”

  1. Make that two readers. Because I genuinely love the Chronotrace Sequence. I am going to have to save my pennies to buy the updated paperbacks once you release them, because I am sure that the polishing will have just made them even better!

    Praying that you continue to see progress in your health and feeling better.

    LAST MOTLEY!!!!! (shouts… quietly so as not to hurt your head… then whispers, “SOOOON, please, PRECIOUS….”) 😀

  2. I’m glad that you are feeling better, but I am sorry that you aren’t better (English is strange). Strange, how pushing yourself, rather than resting, will help you get better quicker! I’m glad you have knowledgeable people telling you these things. Praise God we live in a society with modern medicine.

    Eeeeeee! I’m so excited for the New and Improved Chronotrace Sequence and for The Last Motley! I’m glad that you are feeling better enough to work on them again 😀

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