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Introducing Bookish Bits

Bookish Bits

Introducing Bookish Bits, the authorial news segment to complement my more personal news series, Jots and Tittles.

Book release info and big developments will probably get their own posts, but here’s where you’ll be able to catch up on all the little things that go on behind the scenes in the life of an author. And oh, my, are there a lot of them! So let’s dive right in.

My first fan art

fan made poster into the vast

I got this wonderful New Year’s surprise this week, my first fan art. I was amazed because it’s so neat to see another person’s vision of what I wrote. This also made me realize just how lonely Adan must have been when he was wandering the desert for all those pages and pages. Poor fellow.

Still, what a rip roaring, serendipitous thing to receive. It’s a movie poster so, if the book ever does get made into a film, maybe we can say it all started with this image!

Thank you, Aiden! (Yes, that’s his actual name, can you believe it? Truth meets fiction. Happens all the time when you’re an author).

Smashwords splash

Smashwords is by no means the biggest market for digital books, but it’s one of the oldest and in some ways very innovative. By listing with them my books get sent out to a lot of other online retailers who partner with them. Plus it’s not nearly as crowded a marketplace as Amazon. So it’s much easier to get your books to stand out.

And that’s exactly what Jammer and the Blade did during their yearly End of Year sale. It shot up to the top of their Cyberpunk section and I believe was even #2 in all of Science Fiction!

jammer and the blade Smashwords #1

It’s nice to see this novella getting some more traction. It’s a pretty unique take on the science fiction/cyberpunk genre with a strong family-oriented focus and hey, the energy blades don’t hurt. We can’t let the Jedis have all the fun. It’s also the prequel to The Chronotrace Sequenceso if you enjoyed that series you really ought to pick this one up.

Desktop wallpaper downloads!

And finally, just because you’re all such swell folk, I offer you the latest and greatest creation from Giraffix Media, this wonderful desktop background for The Last Motley. The astute among you (yes, I see you there with those smart looking glasses in the front row) may have already noticed a version of this on the front page, but now you can get the full-sized version yourself and see what all the big kids are going on about.

Last Motley Desktop Background

This design came out of my desire to reskin the front page image, but I liked it so much, I decided to make this larger version available on the website.

I’m even going to be using a version of this to switch all my social media avatars to on Feb 6th, otherwise known as national Last Motley day, otherwise known of the day of the official digital release of the book! Let me know if you’d like to get one of these snazzy avatars yourself and help support the book’s launch.

There are also two versions (desktop and phone) without text over there, but for those who want to fly their motley colors (see what I did there?) loud and proud, I’d recommend the lovely one featured here.

Either way, you can get both of them over on the Downloads Page.

And that’s all the bookish bits for today. I’ll be sending out a newsletter next week. If you haven’t taken me up on my offer for a free copy of The Last Motley yet, be sure to sign up for that august periodical so you can get in on the fun.


And that folks, is all she wrote.

Until next time.

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