Faith and Fantasy and Yorien's Hand -

Faith and Fantasy and Yorien’s Hand

Today I have the privilege of welcoming my friend and fellow author Jenelle Leanne Schmidt for a guest post. She is about to launch the third book in her fantasy series, The Minstrel’s Call. In case you couldn’t guess it from the title, the book is entitled, Yorien’s Hand. I read an advanced copy of this one and can’t wait to read the final version. This one is the most epic yet of the series for sure.

But not only is she launching a great book, she’s celebrating by offering a fantabulous giveaway. She’s giving away signed copies of the first three books in the series, a lovely dragon pendant and a sword! Seriously?! That’s just about the best prize ever. Find out the details below and be sure to buy Jenelle’s book!

Faith and Fantasy

jenelle leanne schmidt authorThank you, DJ, for having me over for a guest post on your blog today to celebrate the release of my third novel, Yorien’s Hand! DJ asked me to discuss a little bit about how I approached writing this series as a Christian, and what elements I see as being most strongly influenced by my faith.

When I began penning The Minstrel’s Song series, I never set out to write a “Christian” fantasy story. My ultimate goal was to write a fantasy adventure that would be both exciting enough and safe enough for my father to read out loud to my younger siblings.

Of course, being a Christian, certain themes definitely rose to the obvious forefront of the story. Courage, loyalty, honesty, honoring one’s parents, faithfulness, integrity, perseverance, and many, many other similar themes form a strong undercurrent to the entire series. As the story unexpectedly turned into a four-book saga, I also had to delve into the creation mythos and religion of this world I had spun into existence.

As I began to ponder those things, I found my story growing more influenced by my own world-view and faith. The Creator character, for example, is all-powerful, all-knowing, loving, and just, like the God of the Bible is. He is present in the workings of the world – moreso than many of the characters know or guess, and He has heavenly servants who are sent to do His bidding and work His will in events… but I’m getting a bit too close to revealing themes and spoilers coming in Minstrel’s Call!

When I think about how my belief in Christ influences my writing, I cannot divorce my faith from my stories, and I would never want to. God is the greatest of all Authors, and I believe He loves stories. He created humanity in his own image, and thus, we were created to love stories too. He knows that stories often speak straight to our hearts. Why else would Jesus spend so much time teaching through parables and stories?

I believe in a God who created the universe out of nothing but words and His own imagination. I believe He created humanity in His image. I believe that He imbued me with an imagination of my own and gave me a love of stories for a purpose, and that my imagination is a reflection of His own love of creating and storytelling. When I write, I often see it as my praise song to the greatest of all Authors. It is my attempt – however poor – to reflect His love of stories and present His truths in interesting and adventurous tales and through lovable and heroic characters. I may not write what anyone would consider “Christian Fantasy” but I hope that those who read my stories would agree that what I write could be classified as: “Fantasy with a Christian Heart.”

Book launch details

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jenelle. I pray you’ll keep creating stories that reflect the truth, goodness, and beauty of God. Wish there were more writers out there doing what you’re doing.

Jenelle’s newest book, Yorien’s Hand is available right now and she is also giving away several wonderful prizes as I mentioned. So buy the new book, enter the contest and visit Jenelle’s web page to soak in all of the launch details!

Yorien’s Hand

Yorien's Hand Book CoverThe years of Oraeyn’s short rule have been peaceful, but now ominous nightmares plague his sleep and cling to him during his waking hours. When two of his most trusted advisors disappear without a trace and not even the power of dragons can locate them, the fell promise of the king’s nightmares becomes reality.

From the furthest reaches of the world, an ancient enemy stirs. Stretching beyond his crumbling prison walls, this foe seeks to bring life to the darkest of shadows. His army marches towards Aom-igh with deadly intent, threatening all Oraeyn holds dear.

Aided by dragons, and with the warrior Brant and Princess Kamarie at his side, Oraeyn must journey into the wilds of a forgotten realm. Trusting in the wisdom and skill of the enigmatic minstrel, Kiernan Kane, the companions race against time in search of Yorien’s Hand, a relic that may hold the power to save them all.

Buy Yorien’s Hand (Book 3)
Buy Second Son (Book 2)
Buy King’s Warrior (Book 1)


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This thing is HUGE!
This thing is HUGE!

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