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Bookish Bits: long roads and light ahead

Bookish Bits

I’m back from the depths of first draft writing! As I gulp in the frigid last-gasp-of-atumn-before-winter air, I thought I’d share a glimpse of where I’m at and what lies ahead.

Prequel update for Lay of the Glaives

If you’re just joining the show, my Next Big Project is going under the working title The Lay of the Glaives. (And for anyone curious, I plan on revealing the series title soon, but more on that in a bit.)

After writing book one and giving it some thought and prayer, I decided to write a prequel before moving on to book two. The idea is to give the prequel away free to anyone on my mailing list and hopefully generate some interest in the series for one book one launches.

So I chose a secondary character I really enjoyed writing from book one and told his origin story.

The long and winding road

long and winding roadAnd it turned out to be really, really hard to write, the hardest thing I’ve ever written, in fact. I think the reason was because it was not part of my original vision for the story. Also, there are a lot of large-scale battles, something I haven’t written before and it was a challenge to make them all unique and not over-describe the action.

Anyway, the end result was a draft with a lot of notes inserted in. Things like “expand this,” “fix this,” “more details,” etc.. It really hasn’t been until this last week when I took a step back and did a little character work that I felt like I had a unified vision for this project.

Yes, I had an outline, but sometimes as you’re writing, you realize the plan you had isn’t going to work. In this case, the story I had plotted out did not really take into account a lot of the side characters, and it didn’t have a strong enough arc.

All that to say, the draft is finished, and I now see the light at the end of the tunnel. But there’s a lot of track to lay to get to the end. The first draft was 77K and I imagine the final draft will be even longer.

The good news is, though, in writing this I fleshed out the main conflict between the opposing forces more, something which should pay off in subsequent books in the series.

Million-dollar cover

Even though this book is going to be free I did not skimp on the cover. I found the most wonderful artist and she drew me an absolutely gorgeous piece of art. While I did not pay a million dollars for it, it looks like a million bucks to me.

Honestly, I feel like I’ve got this huge, giant secret, not sharing it. But the series title is coming soon…in January in fact, coinciding with the arrival of the…

World-building Journal!

mystery mapSomething new is coming.

And it means you’ll be getting a backstage pass to the creation of a world.

So what’s it all about? Tell me already! I don’t like big question marks. I want to know!

Okay, okay. It’s pretty simple, really. Starting in January, this site will be the home of a regular installment I’m calling the World-building Journal.

I’m having so much fun and discovering so many things about the world of this upcoming series I thought it would be fun to share. We’re talking calendars, festivals, cultures, cities, legends, and songs. It’s all pouring out in this creative volcano and you’re going to get to catch a glimpse of it.

Get ready to feel the warmth and the glow.

Until then…

That wraps things up for now, but I will be back fairly soon with a post or two before the end of the year.

Until then, I’ll see you between the pages!

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5 thoughts on “Bookish Bits: long roads and light ahead”

  1. Congrats on finishing the rough draft!!! Oooh, all of this sounds super exciting! (I really got into the wrong hobbies, since, as Inigo Montoya says, “I hate wait.”) Can’t wait to find out which side character the prequel follows. And looking forward to being able to shout about book 1 when it releases (and get to read the official published version). 🙂 So much suspense!!! So many good stories to look forward to!

  2. Thanks, Jenelle. Waiting is one of the hardest thing about books. I am so keen on getting this series started. I just want to make sure it’s the absolute best it can be. I hope it will be worth the wait.

    And to be fair, I’ve been waiting for Turrim a looooong time, so…agh! You’re right, reading is not the greatest hobby for impatient people. But good things come to those who wait and I suppose that’s doubly true for books.

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