Bookish Bits: Rimewinter is coming soon! -

Bookish Bits: Rimewinter is coming soon!

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Is it winter where you live right now? For many of you there’s likely a little (or a lot of) snow on the ground right now. But whether or not you’re deep in winter in a few more weeks or basking in the sun, you’ll soon need to button up that coat and get your cold-weather gear ready because a new kind of winter is coming soon.

I’m talking about Rimewinter, book 2 of The Swordspeaker Saga!

The book is sitting with my editor as I write, and in the final stages of clean-up prior to typesetting, formatting, and publication.

The official release date is April 5th, 2022, but I’m going to push to see if we can’t get it out even earlier. No promises, but I’ll do everything I can to ensure that we can get it out a little early. If you want to be sure you don’t miss it when it releases, the e-book is available for preorder on Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble.

Another step in a very long journey

The Swordspeaker Saga is slated to span eight books in total, with the possibility for two prequels. Yes, that’s a lot of ink and paper, I know.

Truesilver was released in June of 2021 after a long time in development. The first draft of Rimewinter was already finished by then, but it took more drafts than expected to get it to where it needed to be. I hope you shall find it to be worth the wait.

One of the reasons it took so long is because this book ended up being roughly 47K words longer than Truesilver. It was never my plan to write such a long book, but I just couldn’t tell the story in fewer words. In fact, I ended up cutting a major scene I’d planned for the end of the book and moving it to book three. This is one long winter indeed.

In many ways, the characters’ journeys in this new book mirror my own over the last few months. There is a lot of second-guessing, of wondering if they are on the right path. Things get fuzzy for Kion, Tiryn, and Zinder along this stretch of the road.

But it’s not all grim and daunting. There are plenty of heroic and even humorous moments along the way as well. And hats. Lots of hats.

What in the Four Wards?

If you’d like a sneak peak at what lies ahead, here’s the working version of the summary from the back cover (subject to change):

Kion and Tiryn have not heard from their mother since the war began. It’s all but certain she was captured by the haukmar army and Kion blames himself. Now with his flaming sword, Truesilver, at his side, he’ll take on a whole host of foes to get her back. He only hopes his sister—who won’t be left behind this time—doesn’t get hurt along the way.

But the paths and wilds of the Four Wards hold more than just the haukmar hordes. Dark beasts lurk in the shadows. A traitor haunts their steps. And strangest of all, it’s started to hail—though summer’s just begun. Will the world ever return to the way it once was? And what chilling adventure awaits down their path?

Blue winter trees overhead shot

Reveal that cover, already

That’s all I’ll say about the story for now.

While I’m waiting to get back the edited manuscript, I’ve been outlining and doing character work for the book 3 in the series. I hope to start writing that one as soon as Rimewinter is off to the printer.

One more bit of Rimewinterish news before I scuttle out the door. The cover for the book will be revealed on February 22nd! That’s right, 2-22-2022 for book 2! I’d have to wait two hundred years to get any more two’s than that. And I think I’ve waited long enough at this point!

If you’d like to share the cover on your own site or on social media, please drop me a note below or on the contact form and I’ll send it to you to share just before the official reveal.

I hope you’re as eager to get your hands on the next installment of the series as I am to get it into them.

Until next time, keep your coat on and tighten up that scarf, because Rimewinter Is Coming!

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