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2022 Silmaril Awards Voting

And now it comes to it. The deep breath before the plunge…into the voting.

So many villains fought it out in the comments for one of the coveted five spots on the ballot. After all a silmaril is at stake—a silmaril! Think of it. And not just any silmaril. The one they call the Lightless Heart. It is said that this stone so far surpassed the other silmarils that none could abide its presence in Valinor. For they feared the true power hidden in the darkness.

And so the stone was hidden away for ages before being discovered by none other than Sauron himself.

And now in a strange turn of…generosity? he wishes to bestow it on the villain most after his heart. He has somehow managed to keep them ignorant of the fact that when he gives enchanted creations to others it does not always work out so well.

We sought out the once great king of Angmar to find out how it went with him, but thus far no one has been able to track him down. Yet, we’re quite certain that he did not die…Needless to say, we’re looking into it.

Most Nefarious Villain nominees for 2021

So, just who are these prospective cohorts Sauron is considering “gifting” with the Lightless Heart? Read on to meet them.

Davira (Ilyon Chronicles)

Davira is a backstabbing evil princess if there ever was one! She will cozy up to you and pretend to be your friend, but she’s just using you for her own benefit the whole time.

Lady of the Green Kirtle (Chronicles of Narnia)

Poisonously beautiful, the Lady of the Green Kirtle has conquered both hearts and kingdoms with her sinuous voice. Possessing magic drawn from some mysterious source, she can blend it with music and enticing scents to bend vast numbers of thralls to her will, no magic rings needed!

Keeper (Entwined)

Keeper is the embodiment of the idea of “fair of face and foul of heart.” A manipulative magician who managed to bind himself into the very walls of the palace where he once dwelt, he will stop at nothing to get revenge on the descendants of those who initially defeated him, even after hundreds of years have passed. Nonetheless, he presents himself as polite, charming, even welcoming to those who find him. As if that were not enough, he’s able to either change himself to look like others, as long as he has something that belongs to that person. He uses this power to manipulate and sow chaos and distrust, something certain to put him in Sauron’s good graces.

Prince Rabadash (Chronicles of Narnia)

Handsome, ambitious, of royal blood, Rabadash has everything an up-and-coming villain would want. Yes, his plot to conquer Narnia was ruthlessly foiled by a snobby little boy and his horse, but all the more reason to give him the silmaril he deserves. He longs to restore his tarnished name and winning the Lightless Heart would go a long way to putting him back on the path of domination he longs to ascend.

Lord Sero (City Between)

Lord Sero may cause flowers and plants to grow wherever he steps, but that’s no cause to underestimate him. He is the epitome of a powerful noble fae—which is to say that he’s proud, ambitious, manipulative, and continually in the middle of at least one scheme to increase his own personal power and influence. And, like many fae, he’s not particular about who else he happens to hurt in order to achieve that goal — especially if they happen to be those whom he considers “lesser beings” (which is to say, not fae). He’s been denied a silmaril once before an he’ll use any means he has to ensure that this time he acieves victory!

The choice is yours

Who will be the winners of the 2022 Silmaril Awards?

It is up to you to help decide who will receive the Lightless Heart. Never let it be said that Sauron is indifferent to counsel.

Of course, the other awards are paltry and insignificant, but if you’d like to learn more about the nominees for these other minor awards before you vote, here are the links.

Click the button below to go to the voting form and let your voice be heard.

10 thoughts on “2022 Silmaril Awards Voting”

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  3. Haha poor Rabadash. I don’t think he deserves this since he later became Calormen’s most peaceful Sultan XD.

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  6. It has just occurred to me that giving Keeper a Silmaril might have some. Ah. Concerning consequences. Oh well. If he wins, we’ll find out if it’ll be a problem or not. This year will definitely be hard to pick. (And even if the category is a bit overpopulated by Narnians, at least they’re from some of the less popular books?)

  7. We definitely have quite a nasty group here! You are a brave soul taking on these people! It is definitely a…questionable idea passing a silmaril to any of them, but hey! what’s the SilmAwards without a little chaos?

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