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2020 Silmaril Awards Voting

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It’s finally here. The nominations are in. The comments have been sifted through. And we have the top five nominees for each category ready to be voted upon.

For the wisest counselors you scoured all of the learned libraries, knowledgable nooks, and cranial crannies, for the wisest, most sagely of character and five characters emerged.

Wisest Counselor nominees for 2020

And the nominees for this year’s award are…

Beana (Tales of Goldstone Wood)

Beana often appears as a brown-and-white goat, but her true appearance is that of a tall woman. She is quite motherly to and protective of her charge, Rose Red, a mysterious girl who lives her life veiled. It’s a no-nonsense, practical sort of motherly, though, not the cookies-and-blankets sort. She is willing to go into great risk and danger to protect Rose Red. She stands ready to tell off anyone who unknowingly and foolishly endangers Rose Red.

Halt (Ranger’s Apprentice)

Halt is an older fellow, short and wiry, with salt-and-pepper hair and beard that looks like he cut them with his knife. He wears a mottled green, grey, and brown cloak and carries a longbow. He’s quite gruff and intimidating at first, with a wry, sarcastic sense of humor. He doesn’t coddle those he trains, but will protect them from the dangers they can’t handle. He’s confident in his abilities, but for good reason, and not in an arrogant way.

Puddleglum (Chronicles of Narnia)

Puddleglum is a rather strange character. He is, in fact, a marshwiggle. Don’t know what that is? He’s not surprised. Marshwiggles are tall, gangly and weedy-looking folk with greenish-gray tinted skin and hair resembles long, flat reeds. Puggleglum dresses in a wide-brimmed pointed hat, and has a long thin face with rather sunken cheeks, a tightly shut mouth, a sharp nose and big ears. Eternally pessimistic, he nevertheless always tries to “put a good face on” and make the best of the worst situation. Though he may be a bit of a wet blanket at times, you can always count on him when the going gets rough. His no-nonsense advice is usually worth listening to, even if he isn’t the happiest in the way he shares it.

Irene’s Grandmother (Princess and the Goblin)

It turns out that Irene’s grandmother in The Princess and the Goblin is actually her great-great-grandmother, and she shares the same name as her granddaughter. She provides timeless wisdom to both Princess Irene and her friend Curdie. This advice hints that perhaps Grandmother Irene is more than she seems. She also provides the princess with a ring attached to an invisible thread which will always lead her home. It’s safe to say the princess and Curdie would never have stopped the goblin invasion without Grandmother’s wisdom to guide them.

Merlin (Various Books)

And then there is Merlin. What can be said that is not already known about this wizard of all wizards? Actually, depending on who you talk to, quite a lot. Merlin is so renowned he’s appeared in multiple books, but in all of them several details emerge. He helps Arthur become king, ushering in the golden age of Camelot. And he does his best to protect his protégé once he takes the throne. He is a master of the magical arts, or at least so wise and clever that his deeds often can be explained in no other way. Merlin truly is wisdom personified in the Arthurian legends and though Arthur leads the kingdom, it is with Merlin’s guiding hand pointing the way.

The choice is yours

All that we need now is your vote. Let your voice be heard! Who will be the winners of the 2020 Silmaril Awards?

Click the button below to go to the voting form and let your voice be heard.

If you’re wondering about who the nominees for the other awards, here are the links.

Sadly, the voting has ended for this year. I hope to see you at the awards ceremonies!


8 thoughts on “2020 Silmaril Awards Voting”

  1. Gracious, these are ALL such great picks! I’m leaning toward either Beana or Merlin, but I can’t decide! It never fails to be hard every single year. XD

    1. I think this might be the first time Merlin has made it to the voting round. The award ceremony might not be able to handle that much magical power if he and Gandalf both have to share the same stage!

  2. I… have no idea how in the world I’m supposed to vote between these characters?

    I mean… I’m probably going to go with Merlin, as he was kind of my nomination in the first place, but… but… HALT. (Seriously, Ranger’s Apprentice is worth it just to meet Halt). And Irene and Beana and Puddleglum? I mean… this is just cruelty, that’s what this is.

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