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2018 Silmaril Award Nominations for Silver Tongue

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Welcome to the third annual Silmaril Awards, the fantasy character awards that celebrate the best in fantasy fiction. But they’re not your typical awards. They don’t go to books or even authors, but instead to the characters in the books themselves.

There are ten awards being presented this year, and for each award nominations may be made by anyone. This is done by simply posting a comment on that particular presenter’s site (the full list is below). The rules for nominating are as follows:

  • You may nominate as many characters as you wish.
  • You may also second as many characters nominated by others as you choose.. The more “seconds” (and thirds, fourths, etc) a character receives, the more likely that character will move on to the voting round, which will be the top five most nominated characters from each category.
  • Nominations are allowed for fantasy book characters only! (Movie characters are not allowed, unless the book came first).
  • The Silmaril Awards are “lifetime” awards. Characters who have already won a Silmaril in previous years are not eligible to win the same award again (though they may win other awards.) For a list of past winners, please visit silmarilawards.com.

The Silver Tongue award

If it’s not obvious from the title, this page is where you’ll find the Silmaril Award Nominations for Silver Tongue.

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The Silver Tongue silmaril goes to a character who held you rapt with their words. Their voice is full of riddles, wit, and a magic all their own. They hold you spellbound with their clever speech, leaving you wanting more. They are blessed with the gift of a silver tongue, and they wield it well.

The award will be presented by an individual who may be small, but his quick wit and clever riddles have helped him out of more than a few sticky situations.

This year’s awards

Here it the full list of this year’s awards with links to each site where you may make your nominations:

Awards schedule

The awards this year will go by the following schedule:

Nominations week — September 3-7

Voting week — September 10-14

Awards ceremonies — September 17-28

This year we also have an official website so we can keep all the links and latest updates about the awards. Bookmark it and check back often as the awards unfold!

visit silmarilawards.com

And now, let the nominations begin!


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88 thoughts on “2018 Silmaril Award Nominations for Silver Tongue”

  1. R.F. Gammon (Florid Sword)

    Awww, bummer, Mo isn’t eligible this year? He’s one of my favorite characters ever <3 Glad he won last year though!

    I nominate Eanrin from Goldstone Wood
    Lionheart from Goldstone Wood
    Florid Sword from Wingfeather Saga

  2. I nominate Nakor from Raymond E. Feist’s Conclave of Shadows series (he appears in other books/series set in Midkemia too but I can’t remember which ones exactly).

  3. I second Granite from the Rizkaland Legends and Timothy from the Ilyon Chronicles. (It wasn’t letting me reply to anyone’s comments.)

    1. Greybeard Halt, he lived with the goats,
      At least that’s what I’ve heard tell
      He hasn’t changed his socks for years,
      But the goats don’t mind the smell…


  4. I nominate Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series.

    And Fred the Singing Sword from the Dark Sea Annals/Myridian Chronicles (I think that’s what they’re called now?).

  5. I nominate Oberon from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. I’ve loved his “I know a bank. . .” speech since I was little.

  6. I nominate:

    -Tanwen from The Story Peddler by Lindsay Franklin (I mean, someone who can make crystal figures out of her storytelling words must have a silver tongue!)
    -Merlin from Dragons in Our Midst by Bryan Davis (a prophet from the days of King Arthur!)

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