Truesilver -


A young man stained with his father’s failures. A sword of untold power. A legend rises.

Kion Bray can’t accept that his father was a coward. Bullied for his dad’s actions in the last war, the seventeen-year-old shepherd is determined to restore his family honor. And the only way to do it is to win the village’s annual sword-fighting contest.

Lacking experience and struggling to find time to practice, Kion fears he might only cause his kin further embarrassment. And with his biggest tormentor awaiting him in the competition and a dark army mobilizing to the north, his quest for redemption may come to a swift and bloody end.

Can a simple shepherd become a master swordsman before his hopes and his people are crushed?

Truesilver is the first book in the epic Swordspeaker Saga YA fantasy series. If you like gargantuan quests, towering bravery, and coming-of-age tales, then you’ll love this razor-sharp story. Buy Truesilver to hear the voice of destiny today!



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