The Chronotrace Sequence -

The Chronotrace Sequence

A man with no memories. A device with the power of time. Is it his salvation or the end of humanity?

Boxed Set: Escape into 1100+ pages of thought-provoking dystopian conspiracy, as a hero with no past battles to uncover his universe’s shocking secret.

Adan remembers nothing before his imprisonment at the Institute. Waking up with strange technological enhancements, he just wants to know who he was and why he’s here. But when he attempts a daring escape from the Collective, he finds himself in the deadly and unforgiving desert with no food or water.

With the help of another augmented escapee, Adan plots to return and defeat the scientists who broke his identity. But with betrayal around every corner and the mysterious Chronotrace device at his command, the embattled amnesiac worries the cure may be worse than the disease.

Can Adan reverse the damage while there’s still time?

The Chronotrace Sequence contains all three books in the epic science fiction series (Into the Vast, Awakening the Sentients, and Ascent of the Nebula). If you like bold heroes, thoughtful explorations of the intersection between humanity and technology, and jaw-dropping twists and turns, then you’ll love DJ Edwardson’s ticking bomb.

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We are the technology of the future

The Chronotrace Sequence is a dystopian science-fiction series about a group of scientists intent on re-engineering the human race and those who rise against them. Follow the journey of one man to rediscover his past and in the process save humanity from its greatest enemy: itself.

“The story draws you in and will not let go until the last page…a tale of courage, hope and bravery. Daring escapades and adventures keep you engrossed…A must-read!” -Reader’s Favorite

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The Chronotrace Sequence Boxed Set

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