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2022 Silmaril Award Nominations for Most Nefarious Villain

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Welcome to the seventh annual Silmaril Awards, the fantasy character awards. This is one stop of ten where you can nominate characters for the internet’s most unique online fantasy fiction awards.

Also, this year we have a bonus giveway! A complete set of the Lord of the Rings extended edition DVDs. See the end of the post for details

Reader beware. You have arrived within the realm of the Most Nefarious Villain award. Here there be plots and schemes and hearts black as coal. Only the most cruel and dastardly need apply.

Some villains appear fair of form, others foul as death and decay. Some are clever and winsome, others brutish and savage. But whatever kind of villain you choose to nominate for this year’s award, know this: they will not deal kindly with you should they lose. So choose wisely!

But enough preamble. It’s time to nominate the most villainous characters that have ever haunted your imagination.

Read on for the rules and get to nominating!

2022 Silmaril Award Nominations

There are ten awards up for grabs (see the list below for links to the other awards). On this page we’re accepting nominations and seconds for Villains. And not just any villains, the most vile, nefarious, evil villains in all of fantasy literature.

All you have to do to nominate is post a comment with the name of the wicked villain you’d like to see considered for the award. Or, if you notice that the character has already been nominated, you can simply reply with a “second” to the original comment for that character.

The rules for nominating are as follows:

  • You may nominate as many characters as you wish.
  • You may also second as many characters nominated by others as you choose. The more “seconds” (and thirds, fourths, etc) a character receives, the more likely that character will move on to the voting round, which will feature the top five most nominated characters from each category (the host will break any ties).
  • Nominations are allowed for fantasy book characters only! (Movie characters are not allowed, unless the book came first).
  • The Silmaril Awards are “lifetime” awards. Characters who have already won a Silmaril in previous years are not eligible to win the same award again (though they may win other awards.) Previous winners of the Most Nefarious Villain include
  • For a list of past winners for other awards, please visit silmarilawards.com.
  • Also, characters from Tolkien’s works are not allowed. Instead, they are the presenters of the awards. These awards are for all the “other guys.”

This year’s awards

Here it the list of the rest of this year’s awards with links to where you can make your nominations:

Our enchanting giveaway

One last thing before you dive headlong into the comments to dredge up your most villainous nominations. Don’t for get the giveaway! Just click on the link below to go to the giveaway page. The grand prize is a complete set of Lord of the Rings DVD’s. Other prizes include: The Hobbit Card Game, a cool dragon bookmark, and assorted dragon stickers!

How’s that for an epic way to start off these awards!

124 thoughts on “2022 Silmaril Award Nominations for Most Nefarious Villain”

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  2. Good luck with the villains! Hope things don’t get too chaotic over there . . .

    I nominate Albericht from the Invisible Library series and The Mistress from Rose Petals and Snowflakes.

  3. I nominate
    Gnag the Nameless from Wingfeather Saga
    Bonnifer Squoon from Wingfeather Saga
    Leveanna from Lunar Chronicles
    The Dragon/Death-in-Life from Tales of Goldstone Wood
    Capricorn from Inkheart

  4. Ooh, I love this category… ;P

    Hattie from Ella Enchanted
    Nimiane from 100 Cupboards
    Darius from 100 Cupboards
    (Does Hunger Game count as fantasy or dystopian? XD)
    Rabadash from The Horse & His Boy (Chronicles of Narnia)

      1. Whoops, didn’t realize I posted that twice. I kept getting an error code when submitting the first comment and didn’t think it went through.

    1. I second Keeper SOLELY on the recommendation of friends who’ve read Entwined! He sounds dastardly. *shivers* (Also I really need to read Entwined myself sometime.)

  5. I nominate:

    Skulni (Fairest)
    Blanca (The Glass Sentence)
    King Claudio (Goose Chase)
    Zemenar (Enchanted Forest Chronicles

      1. I nominate The Marquess, from The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making

    1. I second Taravangian. I am sympathetic to most of the villains of the Cosmere, but Mr. Tang (my personal nickname for him) I want DEAD. His excuses for his villainy only make him worse, to my mine.

  6. Seconding:

    Sycorax Cavendish (Aeronaut’s Windlass)
    Lord Sero (City Between)
    The Darkness (Moonscript)
    Brother (Deadwood)
    Morgarath (Ranger’s Apprentice)
    Princess Devira (Ilyon Chronicles)
    Witch of the Waste (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    Hattie (Ella Enchanted)
    Zemenar (Enchanted Forest Chronicles)
    The Keeper (Entwined)
    Ra’aba (Dragonfriend series)
    Prince Langston (Green Princess trilogy by HL Burke)

  7. Fane Mortem from The Bound and the Broken (Ryan Cahill)

    Sadeas from The Stormlight Archives

  8. I nominate:
    Darkling from Shadow and Bone
    Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz
    Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride
    Captain Hook from Peter Pan

    Horned King
    Witch of the Waste
    Hattie (lol!)
    Lady of the Green Kirtle

  9. I nominate:

    -Respen Felix from Blades of Acktar
    -Merrick Marius from Riyria Revelations
    -Regal from Realm of the Elderlings
    -Selia from Books of Bayern

    I second:

    -Bonnier Squoon from Wingfeather Sage
    -Capricorn from Inkheart
    -Nimiane from 100 Cupboards
    -Davira from Ilyon Chronicles
    -Moash from Stormlight Archive
    -Prince Humperdinck from Princess Bride

  10. I nominate:

    -Alexci from The Red War Annals
    -The Dark Knight, Lucius, from The Kingdom Series

    -Selia from The Books of Bayern

  11. I nominate…

    Devin from the Dragons in our Midst series by Bryan Davis
    The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland

  12. I second:

    Lord Sero
    Witch of the Waste
    The Director
    The Darkness
    Lady of the Green Kirtle

    I was going to nominate the villain from Masque but then I realized that that would be spoilers…

  13. I second:
    – Levana from Lunar Chronicles
    – The Dragon from Goldstone Wood
    – Rabadash from The Chronicles of Narnia
    – the Lady of the Green Kirtle from The Chronicles of Narnia
    – Davira from Ilyon Chronicles
    – Zemenar from Enchanted Forest Chronicles
    – the Witch of the Waste from Howl’s Moving Castle
    – The Director and the Isdrottning from Bastian Dennel, PI

  14. I second:
    The Horned King
    Lady of the Green Kirtle
    Sycorax Cavendish (because WHAT A NAME)
    Brother (I remember him from past ceremonies… yikes)
    Wicked Witch of the West
    Queen of Hearts
    And I nominate for their evilness…
    Mr. Dark (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
    Grendel (Beowulf)
    Morgan Le Fay (from the Arthurian legends, not the Dragons In Our Midst books)
    Count Rugen (The Princess Bride)

  15. I second:
    Witch of the Waste (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    Lord Sero
    The Darkness
    Prince Humperdink
    The Horned King
    Count Rugen
    Lady Ragna

  16. Seconding:
    Albericht (Invisible Library)
    Keeper (Entwined)
    Lady of the Green Kirtle
    Witch of the Waste (Howl’s Moving Castle)
    Lord Sero (City Between)
    Selia (Books of Bayern)
    Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland)

    Opal Koboi (Artemis Fowl)

  17. I second
    The Horned King
    Lady of the Green Kirtle
    The Marquess
    Morgarath (Awful close to the name Morgoth there)
    Prince Humperdinck
    Captain Hook
    Wicked Witch
    The Queen of Hearts
    Mr. Dark (*shudders*)
    Morgan Le Fay
    Count Rugen
    King Lawrence
    Dr. Phoenix
    Opal Koboi

  18. William Chad Newsom

    I second:

    Darius (100 Cupboards)
    Lady of the Green Kirtle
    Mr. Dark (Something Wicked This Way Comes)
    Grendel (Beowulf)

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