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Turning a Short Story into a Long Story

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Today, I’d like to go into the attic of my mind and talk about some of the objects collecting dust up there. Specifically, I’ve been giving a lot of thought to what future projects I should work on after The Chronotrace series comes to an end. In some ways, this discussion might be a bit premature since the final book won’t be out for some time, but I’m really excited about what’s on the horizon and I just felt like I had to share that sooner rather than later.

Artificer's Apprentice - Fantasy CoverI have a short story and a novel already written and those will be what come next; they just need to be edited. But I’ve been considering what I should be pouring myself into after that. I am currently giving serious consideration to writing a full length novel based on the characters and world featured in my twenty-five page short story The Artificer’s Apprentice. I decided early on to offer it for free and it has been downloaded more than any of my other works except for Into the Vast.

Not only has it received a sizable number of downloads, it’s also received more reviews than any of my other stories. A good percentage of these reviews have been positive as well, so it seems to have struck a chord with those who have read it. One comment that has come up over and over again in those reviews is that the story was too short. Several people gave it a negative review for this (despite the fact that it’s listed under short stories and the description also refers to it as a short story), but others made the comment that they would like to find out what happens to the main character after the story.

Although I wrote the story as a self-contained tale, after reading these comments I can see why the story might feel incomplete for some people. So the other day I sat down and worked out an outline for a novel that would continue the story. Given my current schedule it will probably be a long time before it ever gets published, but I am excited about the story and getting back into the Artificer world.

We’ll see how this project develops over time. Another project may push it out of the way before I get around to it, but for now, I think it makes sense to write something that people seem to want to read and have actually been requesting. Have you read The Artificer’s Apprentice? If so, leave a comment and let me know if you think a full length story would be something you’d be interested in.

Well, there are still many miles to trek between here and there, so for now it’s time to come down from the attic and get back to my writing desk and work on finishing book 3 of The Chronotrace. 


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4 thoughts on “Turning a Short Story into a Long Story”

  1. I have not read this one yet… but I think if you have enough story ideas, then it can’t be a bad idea to write a novel in that same world. I tend to prefer longer stories, though.

    1. I prefer longer ones as well. Or at least my ideas tend to demand a longer treatment.

      Hopefully one day I’ll get this in print so you and other “book huggers” can read it. (I don’t think that’s an actual term, but you know what I mean). I may include as a sort of prologue in the print edition. Hey, I like that idea! I think I will do that.

  2. I just read this story and fell in love with the characters, the world, and eagerly turned the page to find it was OVER! I was in tears! I do hope you write more about Din someday! Such a good story! I wouldn’t change a thing about it, but would request many more books like it. I will be watching for your other works and hopefully getting them on my Kindle soon! Love your writing style!

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