The Last Motley makes the lists: Best Books of 2018 -

The Last Motley makes the lists: Best Books of 2018

Best books of 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are beginning the new year with renewed hopes and gratitude for this wonderful thing we call life.

In past years I’ve shared my list of top books of the year, but I did not get around to it this year. However I was pleasantly surprised to find The Last Motley appearing on not one, but five “best books from 2018” lists!

I wanted to share the links and also give these reviewers a big “thank you” for taking the time to share my book with their readers. They are all excellent writers in their own right and they certainly did not have to do this, but I am humbled and honored that they did.

The Lists

And so, without further delay, here are the lists:

Books Galore

Of course, The Last Motley wasn’t the only book to receive attention on those lists. You might find a few gems to read from among the other wonderful books mentioned.

Isn’t it amazing that with all the stories which have been written, there are still so many things which can be said? In one sense, there are no truly “new” stories. We’re all just telling the same familiar stories over and over again. But the images will be different, the pacing, the setting, the word choice, the dialogue, and so much more, based on the disposition and experiences of each individual author. And so each story may be new in a very real sense. In fact, a new story may tell the old story even better for some readers.

And so I keep writing.

May your 2019 be filled with fresh eyes for eternal things and many good and beautiful stories.

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4 thoughts on “The Last Motley makes the lists: Best Books of 2018”

  1. I’m so happy to see other people reading and loving The Last Motley! It’s such a beautiful book… and (spoiler alert) also made it onto my top-reads-of-2018 list that goes live tomorrow.

    I hope this new year brings you exponentially more success in your authoring journey, and lots of time to rest and rejuvenate and enjoy life, as well. 🙂

  2. Hurrah! I’ll be constantly hitting refresh on your page tomorrow until it shows up so maybe you’ll get a million views (not sure that’s how it works, but that’s what I’ll be doing anyway!) I’m so glad you enjoyed the book.

    And I wish you wonderful year with your writing and faith and family. I’m so excited to see what God will do in 2019!

  3. Book Dragon and I are very glad to see that others have discovered and loved your beautiful story! 😀

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