The 2018 Silmaril Awards are coming -

The 2018 Silmaril Awards are coming

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The 2018 Silmaril Awards are coming! And this year they are better than ever.

If you’re not familiar with them, the Silmaril Awards (previously the Silmarillion Awards) are a four week online celebration of all that’s best in fantasy literature. Ten awards are given out every year. But these awards are not given to authors or even the books they’ve written, but to the characters themselves in fun, fictional online ceremonies.

Anyone can nominate as many characters as they want and second the nominations of others. The characters who receive the most nominations make it onto the final ballot and the winners will be announced over the final two weeks of the awards.

Dates for this year’s awards

Nominations week — September 3-7

Voting week — September 10-14

Awards ceremonies — September 17-28

A permanent home

As in the past, ten authors will be participating in this year’s awards as presenters. So each award will be hosted on one of their sites. That’s where all the nominations and voting and presentations will occur.

However, since these are lifetime awards (a character may only win a given award a single time) and since the list of winners will only grow over the years, we thought it would be great if the Silmaril Awards had a permanent home.

To that end, I’m announcing here, for the first time ever,, the official web site of these amazing awards!

silmaril awards web page

Here you’ll be able to find out all the official news and find links to all the various awards. So what are you waiting for? Hop on over and check it out and bookmark the site.

So what do you think?

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