Fifth annual Silmaril Awards are coming! -

Fifth annual Silmaril Awards are coming!

Lots of things have been cancelled this year, but despite the chaos in the material world, things in the fantasy world haven’t missed a beat. And that means the Silmaril Awards, the annual online celebration of fantasy characters, is soon set to ride out for another year.

This four week online event celebrates all that’s best in fantasy literature. The awards are for the characters, not the books or authors. There are ten awards, each hosted by a different author or blogger.

Mark your calendars for August 31st when nominations begin and check back here or on the Silmaril Awards site for all the details.

The list of awards and host for this year are as follows:

5th annual Silmaril Awards 2020


This year I get to host the Wisest Counselor award. I’m so thrilled to get to rub shoulders with Gandalf and the other sagacious characters who get nominated.

You’re invited

These awards are for you, the readers. They’re a chance to gush about not just your favorite books, but the characters you love. You will be able to nominate any character you want and vote for the ones that get the most nominations.

You can find out more, including which characters have won past awards at

It’s not just characters that get to win

And this year, there will also be a chance to win some great books and book related prizes as well. You can participate in the bookstagram challenge using the hasthtag #SilmarilAwards2020. You can also enter the contest even if you’re not on instagram. Either way, we’ll be giving out one of the prizes below to each wonderful winner.

5th annual silmaril awards challenge

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The bookstagram challenge starts August 24th. Be sure to follow all the hosts on Instagram so you don’t miss out on the fun.

@swordspeaker @jenellelschmidt @thebookishchristine @traceydyckauthor @sarah.taleweaver @kylerobertshultz @madelinejrose @eerawls_author @zac_the_geek @thesmudgedthoughts

Hope to see you there!

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