Bookish Bits: sprinting for 26 miles -

Bookish Bits: sprinting for 26 miles

Bookish Bits

Welcome to an especially momentous installment of Bookish Bits, the hodgepodge catchall for all things escritorial.

A well-known author once gave the following succinct advice to success in writing:

Write. Finish Things. Keep Writing.

I am happy to report that I have finished not one but two things of late.

The first is the editing for Truesilver, book one in my upcoming epic fantasy series The Swordspeaker Saga.

Most of my work for this was actually done back in June, but it took a couple of months for my editors to get back to me and for me to incorporate their changes.

And now comes proof time. My amazing cover designer is doing some last-minute tweaks on the cover and there is the Dreaded Blurb to write, but I hope to have a proof in my hands in the next week or two.

I am beyond thrilled with how this one turned out, and also fearful that it isn’t good enough. I think I would be the happiest writer in the world if I didn’t have to submit my work to the wider world. And yet, no, on second thought, I would be utterly unsatisfied if I didn’t share it. Still. Trepidations.

Write. Finish Things. Keep Writing.

No release date on this one yet, but it most certainly will not be in 2020. I’d like to say that’s because 2020 doesn’t deserve such a stunningly glorious work of prose, but really it has more to do with marketing. Sometime in 2021, though, is almost a lock.

Good things come in pairs

But I was not idle while the editors worked the fields. No, I threw myself into a first draft frenzy the likes of which my poor little escritoire has never seen.

I started the first draft for book 2 in the Swordspeaker series the first week of July and finished the last week of September. Three months to 101,000 words, the fastest I’ve ever finished a draft. I’ve often said that writing a first draft is like sprinting 26 miles. Never more so than in this case.

swordspeaker book 2 progress chart, sprinting for 26 miles

Check out the chart tracking my progress. By the last two weeks I was humming along at bullet-train pace.

A lot of twists and turns came out in this draft. I always write as “the first reader” and it’s always fascinating the changes which work their way into the story during the first pass. This one had fairly significant changes in all three acts, especially at the end.

Of course, a first draft is just the beginning. So much more will no doubt change before this work finally slips between its covers, but for now I bask in exhausted satisfaction at what God allowed to flow through my imagination into my pen.

I may start in on book 3 next or go back and do a second draft of book 2. I’m too whopped just now to decide anything.

Well, that is all for now. Thank you for stopping by and sharing a little peek into the journal of imagination.

I’ll see you between the pages.

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7 thoughts on “Bookish Bits: sprinting for 26 miles”

  1. So excited to hear that Truesilver is almost ready for the presses!!!! (And having read an early draft, I can unequivocally state that 2020 doesn’t deserve such a beautiful story…. though it might NEED it) 😉 😉

    101,000 words in 3 months!?!?!? That is impressive!!! Congrats!!!

    1. Yes, I somehow managed to keep pace even amidst the Silmaril Awards!

      You’re right about 2020 maybe needing some good stories. It’s so hard to wait when the book is ready, but I want to make sure it gets the best launch it can get and that looks like it will require a bit more of a lead up than my previous launches.

      Thanks for the comment and for stopping by!

  2. So excited for Truesilver being almost there! I love that book a lot. 🙂

    Whoooa! :O I am truly impressed at book 2 taking only 3 months! THAT’S AMAZING! I’d say you deserve a break. XD Congrats!

    1. Thank you, Deborah. And thanks for all your help with it. It is better for having passed through your hands. And yes, I think I’ll go take a nap now. Wake me up for Thanksgiving. 🙂

  3. Wow!!! Congratulations on both successes! I look forward to learning more about this series! 😀 I’m in awe of how fast you wrote that second book. It’s pushing it if I can get a draft written in six months.

    1. Thank you, Jen. I can’t wait to get it out into the wide world. That was part of the reason I pushed so hard on book 2, because I wanted to have it finished before I published book 1.

      I hope your writing is going well. Fast or slow, every word is a victory, getting you closer to finishing and launching your story or even just honing your craft as a wordsmith.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      1. I am looking forward to reading them when they come out! ^_^

        Thank you! At the moment I’m taking a much needed break from my main WIP and focusing on planning my genderbent Cinderella retelling that is renewing my excitement for writing and helping me get out of a writing-slump. 🙂

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