The Last Motley -

The Last Motley

A curse. An orphan. A needle and thread.

Every century a motley is born. Though only children, their patchwork skin marks them as dangerous, especially to those who know about the first motley. That one nearly destroyed the world.

But a chance meeting with Roderick the tailor may hold the key to breaking the curse. Roderick has no sword or armor or power of his own. He’s not even rich. But what he does have is a heart moved by compassion for a hunted boy.

Old legends spring to life. Nightmares walk the land. But heroes may be found in the most unlikely of places.

If you like world-spanning quests, unpredictable magic, and unusual heroes, you’ll love this epic fantasy novel.

Readers are saying

★★★★★ “…for anyone who loves a grandly told, beautiful tale with ribbons of truth weaved though it.”

★★★★★ “…feels like a classic sort of fantasy tale, while at the same time being quite unique and not at all what you’d think!”

★★★★★ “One of the strongest things I got out of it was the focus on family. I LOVED that.”

★★★★★ “The fantasy world of Arinn was fascinating…I felt instantly at home…”

★★★★★ “Edwardson is an amazing storyteller…The setting and the characters all came alive for me.”

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