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2019 Silmaril Award Nominations for Most Epic Hero

silmaril awards bannerWelcome to the fourth annual Silmaril Awards, the fantasy character awards! This is your chance to nominate your favorite fantasy heroes in a fiction free-for-all to see which one is the most epic.

There are ten awards up for grabs (see the list below for links to the other awards). On this page is where we’re accepting nominations and seconds for fantasy heroes. All you have to do to nominate is post a comment with the name of the hero you’d like to see considered for the award. Or, if he’s already been nominated, you can simply reply with a “second” to the original comment for that hero.

The rules for nominating are as follows:

  • You may nominate as many heroes as you wish.
  • You may also second as many heroes nominated by others as you choose. The more “seconds” (and thirds, fourths, etc) a character receives, the more likely that character will move on to the voting round, which will feature the top five most nominated characters from each category (the host will break any ties).
  • Nominations are allowed for fantasy book characters only! (Movie characters are not allowed, unless the book came first).
  • The Silmaril Awards are “lifetime” awards. Characters who have already won a Silmaril in previous years are not eligible to win the same award again (though they may win other awards.) For a list of past winners, please visit silmarilawards.com.
  • Also, unfortunately, known characters from Tolkien’s works are allowed. They are the presenters of the awards, you see. So this is for all the “other guys.”

The Most Epic Hero Award

Because the hosts of the Silmaril Awards have special connections with the Valar, we will be giving a silmaril to each character deemed worthy enough in each category.

The Most Epic Hero silmaril will go to the character whose bravery and nobility carried the day in truly epic fashion. This is the hero the minstrels write songs and poems about, the one who fights ’til his last breath, and the one the villains most desperately strive to defeat.

Past winners include: Robin Hood, Peter Pevensie, and Edmund Pevensie.

The award will be presented by one of the greatest heroes of the fourth age, who through his noble heart and inspiring presence led the free peoples of Middle-Earth into battle against the very gates of Mordor itself.

This year’s awards

Here it the list of the rest of this year’s awards with links to where you can make your nominations:

Awards schedule

The awards this year will go by the following schedule:

Nominations week — September 2-8

Voting week — September 9-15

Awards ceremonies — September 16-27

Be sure to check out the Silmaril Awards website for more updates and details. Or join the Silmaril Awards Facebook group to keep up with everything and discuss your favorite characters!

Silmaril Awards Facebook Group

So who are the most epic fantasy heroes???

Let the nominations begin!


Nominations are closed.

Thanks to everyone who participated! You nominated some truly epic heroes! Come back Monday, September 9th, to vote on the top 5 nominees in each category!


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231 thoughts on “2019 Silmaril Award Nominations for Most Epic Hero”

    1. Your Friendly Neighborhood INFP

      I second Janner Wingfeather, Arthram Wingfeather, and Jonathan from Illusionarium!

  1. I nominate:

    -Lazlo Strange from Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor
    -Thomas Fawkes from Fawkes by Nadine Brandes
    -Kit from the Bright Empires series by Stephen Lawhead
    -Mor from The Story Peddler by Lindsay Franklin
    -Jason from Dragons of Starlight by Bryan Davis

  2. I nominate:

    Rhys MacDuffy / The Mountain Baron from Oath of the Outcast by C.M. Banschbach

    Hal from Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer

    Jet from The Sentinel Trilogy by Jamie Foley

    Mendanbar from the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia C. Wrede

  3. I nominate Roderick from The Last Motley
    Nick Beasley from The Beaumont and Beasley series
    Prince Valerian from the He Who Finds Mercy series by Katy Huth Jones
    Conrad Ellis from After by Savannah Jezowski

    1. Addyson M. Huneke

      I second Thomas Fawkes, Prince Valerian, Conrad Ellis, Taran, the TLC boys, and Leith Torren, and nominate Jace from The Ilyon Chronicles, Daniel from The Ilyon Chronicles, and Achan Cham from The Blood of Kings.

  4. Rupert Greaves from the Ashtown Burials series, by N. D. Wilson.
    Artham Wingfeather, from The Wingfeather Saga, by Andrew Peterson. Also Rudric from the same series. Also The Florid Sword… From the same series.
    Ripred from The Underland Chronicles, by Suzanne Collins (I’m going to argue this one is fantasy due to the giant talking animals…) (Also, I’m sure hero is not what he’d classify himself as, but… ‍♀️)
    Oeric from The Tales of Goldstone Wood, by Anne Elizabeth Stengl.

  5. I second Kaladin, Nick Beasley, Captain Grimm, and Artham Wingfeather.

    I nominate Adolin Kholin from the Stormlight Archive and Luck and Melchior from the Two Monarchies series.

          1. I was just scrolling down, saw the name ‘Shichiro’ and didn’t process it until I got to the book title and promptly exploded.

      1. Shichiro and I want to thank you guys for the votes!

        (Isao thinks that it’s too bad there isn’t a Most Loveable Idiot category, cause then Shichiro would be a shoe-in for the win)

      1. Narnia has dominated pretty much ALL of the awards. The first year, I think there was only one category that didn’t go to Narnia! 🙂 (It is beloved, and that is good)

  6. I had the uncontrollable urge to nominate all my Lunar Chronicle boys, so I nominate Kai, Wolf, Thorne, and Jacin.

    I also nominate Jonathan from Illusionarium by Heather Dixon. 🙂

  7. Second Nick Beasley.

    Zero from Between Shifts.
    Cid from If Wishes Were Curses
    Shaun from Sand and Storm.
    Taylan from Halayda.

  8. Since Janner Wingfeather’s already been nominated, I’m going to go against the current and nominate Artham Wingfeather. A knight turned hawk-man fits the label of “epic” better anyway, to my mind, though Janner does meet the qualifications given in the description. Kaladin was a good choice too.

  9. I nominate:
    Taran from Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain
    Eragon from Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle
    Roran from Inheritance Cycle

  10. I also nominate Will Treaty, Horace Altman, and Halt O’Carrick from Ranger’s Apprentice, Kien from the Books of the Infinite series, and Percy Jackson from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series.

    1. I second Will, Horace and especially Kien.
      I also nominate King Akabe Garric from the Books of the Infinite.

  11. I kind of wish I could second them all… But these are my top favorites.
    I second:
    Nick Beasley from Beamont and Beasley
    Leith Torren from Blades of Acktar
    Achan Cham from Blood of Kings
    Jacin from The Lunar Chronicles
    Percy Jackson from The Lightning Thief
    Will Treaty from Rangers Apprentice
    Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon.

      1. Ditto to you girls! I literally can’t think of a more epic hero outside of Tolkien. True greatness.

  12. I second:
    Thomas Fawkes
    Jason from Dragons of Starlight
    Leith Torren
    Will Treaty
    Horace Altman
    Halt O’Carrick

    And I nominate:
    Bardon from DragonKeeper Chronicles by Donita K. Paul
    Zash from Romanov by Nadine Brandes
    Shasta from Narnia
    Daemyn Rand from Beyond the Tales by Tricia Mingerink

  13. I nominate:
    — Kaden from The Ilyon Chronicles (Jaye L. Knight)
    — Peter Pan from Peter Pan (J.M. Barrie)
    — Trevn from The Kinsman Chronicles (Jill Williamson)

  14. I nominate and second:

    -Amos from “Shiloh” by Helena Sorensen
    -Simeon from the same story
    -The Traveler from “The Madman of Elkriahl and Other Fairy Tales” by Emmarayn Redding
    -Idris from “Fairest Son” by Hannah Williams
    -Deorsa from “Fairest Son” (Idris’ dad. Not a main character, but he’s still epic and I think he qualifies as a hero)

    1. H. S. J. Williams

      AWWW, Idris is here too!

      And I was so surprised and delighted to see Deorsa here! He is truly honored.

  15. I second:

    Mendanbar (Enchanted Forest Chronicles)
    Achan Cham (Blood of Kings)
    Adolin Kholin (Stormlight Archive)
    Cid (If Wishes Were Curses)
    Will, Horace, and Halt (Ranger’s Apprentice)
    Hiccup (How to Train Your Dragon)
    Shasta (The Horse and His Boy)
    Trevn (Kinsman Chronicles)

    and nominate:

    Dalinar Kholin (Stormlight Archive)
    Wilek Hadar (Kinsman Chronicles)

  16. Sooo I just came from another host for The Silmaril Awards, and the rules she has posted on her site say that we’re not allowed to second our own recs (but I haven’t read that on any of the other blogs so far; it’s been “nominate and second as many characters as you want”)?
    In which case, I apologize, but would like my recommendations to remain, and shall resubmit if necessary. 🙂

    1. Hey, Marlene. Do you mean by rec, “recommendation”? If that’s the case, I believe what you read from the other host is correct. You get basically one “vote” (nomination or second) for each character, but you can vote on as many different characters as you want.

      Hope that clears it up.

      And thanks for being a part of the awards!

      1. Yes, I abbreviated it, sorry. 🙂

        Yeeaah, I get that now. Before, I had been under the impression that a nomination was just “I suggest this character” and that seconds were “I vote for this character.” XP

        In hindsight, I probably should have noticed that no one else was seconding their nominations… XD

  17. I nominate Billy Bannister and Walter Foley from Bryan Davis’ Dragons in Our Midst series as well as the two series that follow it. (I could nominate every single guy character in these books practically, but we’ll stick with the originals…)

    1. I was literally going to nominate Billy and Walter of no one else had. I definitely second them!

      (And I know what you mean about wanting to nominate ALL the DiOM guys. They’re such gems!)

    1. I second Westley/The Man in Black!!! He’s the best! How on earth could we have forgotten him!

  18. I nominate:

    -Wanderer from “Colors of Fear”
    -Damien from “The Ravenwood Saga”
    -Sylvester Carthage from “The Electrical Menagerie”
    -Aidan Thomas from “The Door Within”
    -Prince Killian from “The Wolf Prince”

    1. Carthage! I was hoping he had been nominated. Otherwise I was about to do it. Yes! I absolutely second him!

  19. I second:


    I nominate:

    Desperaux from the Tale of Desperaux
    Eustace from The Chronicles of Narnia (can I nominate him?)
    Smalls from The Green Ember series
    Prince Frederic and Prince Liam from The League of Princes series
    Perceval from the Pendragon’s Heir

    1. Prince Frederic and Prince Liam!!!!! Yes, I second them! I love those books!
      I lso second Desperaux, Eustace, and Perceval! (I should read the Green Ember series. I’ve heard good things about it…)

  20. I also must nominate Etanun from The Tales of Goldstone Wood.

    And Taggerung from the Redwall series.

  21. I second Jet, Mendenbar, Taran, Will Treaty, and Taggerung.

    And I nominate Martin the Warrior from the Redwall series.

    1. Who says I am dead, knows not at all
      I — am that is, two mice within Redwall… ahh, the nostalgia.
      I second Martin the Warrior!!

  22. *deep breath* This could get long. XD

    I second:

    Nick Beasley
    Will and Halt from Ranger’s Apprentice
    Martin from Where the Woods Grow Wild
    Westley/The Man in Black
    Sylvester Carthage
    Prince Killian
    Martin the Warrior

    And I also nominate:

    Huxley from The Electrical Menagerie

    Brant from Jenelle Schmidt’s Minstrel’s Song series

    Gwydion from the Prydain Chronicles

    Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle

      1. Uh oh! I hope that was a false alarm! I don’t envy you folks who have to keep track and tally all these nominations and seconds without the aid of the tabulation center! 😉

    1. HOOOOOWWWLLLLL! I mean, OF COURSE I second my most favorite of all characters. <3

      I second Huxley too!

  23. I second soooooo many people. Leith, Jace, Kaden, Daemyn, Howl, Kien Lantec, Janner, Artham, the Florid Sword,
    Walter, Billy and Smalls. I nominate Martyn Hamish from Blades of Acktar (mainly because he would be so annoyed if he won), Kelsier from Mistborn, Jupiter North from Nevermoor and Caleb Tala from Daughter of Light.

  24. I second
    Shasta from horse and his boy
    The man in black, from the princess bride
    Percy Jackson, from the lightning thief
    Will, halt and Horace, from rangers apprentice

    I nominate
    Hyam, from emissary

    And I likely will be back with more recommendations and seconds

  25. I nominate:
    -Simon Hatch from The Traitor’s Game by Jennifer Nielsen
    -Sage from The False Prince
    -Easton Moncrief from Nicki Chapelway’s My Time in Amar
    -Prince Cedric from Winter Cursed by Nicki Chapelway
    -Prince Lionheart from Goldstone Wood
    -Aethalbald from Goldstone Wood
    -Alistair from Goldstone Wood

  26. Seconding:

    Dalinar Kholin
    Martin the Warrior
    Jonathan from Illusionarium
    Lazlo Strange
    Hal from Echo North
    Nick Beasley
    Captain Grimm

  27. I second Smalls, Billy, Walter, Will, Halt, Horace, Kai, Jacin, Wolf, Thorne, and Thomas Fawkes.

    I nominate Gabriel (Oracles of Fire by Bryan Davis) and Gilan (Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan).

    And I apologize if someone’s already nominated any of the above, or if I’ve already seconded some of them. I’m having trouble keeping track of what I’ve done on all these posts!

  28. I second Martin the warrior and nick Beasley
    I nominate Farrin Graydim from the snow queen series by km shea

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